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Lisa Christensen

For over four years I worked at a newspaper in Tooele County, a rural desert county in Utah. I had a coworker once say the county is a collection of almosts—it could be almost a fantastic hiking... [+]

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Lucas Zuehl

A pale, blonde woman in pink scrubs first asks my name and birthday. She has an accent that sounds Scandinavian, and she looks past the tears in my eyes as I answer her questions. She leads me down... [+]

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Domino Beach

Marie Ivantechenko

The familiar scent of earl gray tea sends me back to my grandma’s living room. When I was in elementary school, I’d come over multiple times a week and we’d sit on her off-white couch drinking... [+]

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Zachary Inkeles

I'm getting ready to move to a new house. I'm packing my books, art supplies, peacock collectibles, and DVDs.
Everything I touch is a reminder of my dear friend Pam. Most of the books are... [+]

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Tiger, Oh Tiger

Kenneth N. Margolin

The black man who approached from the rear of the gathering at my father's burial looked to be one hundred years old. He was frail, but not bent. He walked haltingly, supported by two black... [+]

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To Grandma, With Love

Loredana Truscia

In 2020, everything changed. Things changed and people changed.
My name is Loredana Lisa, and this is a true story. When my mom gave birth to me, she and my dad had me as their first-born... [+]

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Open Doors

Chaz Elliott

The Eagles won the Superbowl, and I got a ring.
I’m 31 years old and I’ve had at least 18 jobs. I started in high school. I used to work at CVS on Stenton Avenue in Philadelphia.  I... [+]