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Lightning lit up the darkness, a mother cat carrying her baby in her jaws scurried across the wet road. Once she made it to the other side she had to put the baby down. The kitten cried when her ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Bernadette brought me coffee and a cruller. I dunked the pastry and bit off the java-flavored end. “Anything?” she said.

“Nope.” I wiped my fingers on the napkin and went back to ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Jason Rickett, ago

Another small town day, and he was still invisible. Further down the strip mall alleyway access where they leaned against the building, there were other invisibles, hiding behind their shopping carts,... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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Move Along

H.B.C., ago

The days couldn’t manage to become any more miserable or dour, could they? Drysalio Cervera sulked, swiping away the pile of expensive books that lay sprawled across his desk.
Books for ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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You’re a single father with an 11-year old son who learned to lie faster than he learned how to tie his own shoes. On the couch embroidered in permanent marker forged “on accident” years ago by ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Midnight Run

Zach Belle, ago

On a brisk Halloween night in Maine, the crisp air flowed all around. Timi Finkl  and his friends went trick or treating for some candy. Little did they know one of the areas most wanted ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Dan was a gold medalist for the Netherlands alpine skiing team. He was the best on the team and made a great salary One day, when he went to the doctor for his yearly check-up, the doctor found ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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A Bold Heart

Blytzbyrn, ago

It was his boots that came into view first. Large, brown, well-worn leather ones. The little girl in the corner held her breath as they walked past. She didn’t want to be found. More shoes followed,... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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“I won’t let it happen again,” the dog said with the kind of authority dog’s liked to project when they were faced with injustice. The cat was dubious.

“What exactly do you think ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Legend has it that the weary sun brings about the longest night, and at such a time the Radiant Bird shall rise to rejuvenate the sun, delivering a yearlong blessing. In a small town surrounded by a ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Soro River

Rai, ago

There’s a long road, 9 miles to be exact, that leads down to Soro River. The water is always rushing to it’s basin, white caps gracing the surface like topping on a meringue pie. The water is ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Serilda walks along the road, her white gown sweeping the ground as she makes her way toward the town center. The center is marked by a giant silver beast of a building, the agreed middle point ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Ellis Bryson, ago

A growling noise roused her from her thoughts and she lowered her sword toward the threat. Due to the darkness, she hadn’t seen what it was immediately, but when her eyes finally made it out, fear ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Spoken Words

Ruth89, ago

Gravity’s hands pushes against my body. Pinning me down on my bed. For the past two days, it’s been like this. The only time I’ve gotten up was to use the bathroom. Eating is on the bottom of my... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Beneath me, the wind howled as it whipped tiny clumps of dirt up and over the side of the cliff. Even a few feet back from the tipping point, the air caught in my clothes, billowing them out like a ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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The Greatest Feat

Tyler, ago

As my car shuddered to a stop, I reminded myself again that this was the worst idea I’ve ever had. Who asks their crush to prom a week before it happens? With a groan, I let my head fall back onto ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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The End?

LAD, ago

All things at the molecular level are made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. In the end it merely changes form.

I open my eyes with anticipation. Good, I think to myself, I am still ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Act of Courage

Kmarch, ago

She listened while he spoke. His voice was like a fuzzy caterpillar and barely audible against the glow of the holiday lights, sparkling blue and green, white and gold. Tiny bulbs like fireflies in ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018