Dan's Icy Road to Success

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Dan was a gold medalist for the Netherlands alpine skiing team. He was the best on the team and made a great salary One day, when he went to the doctor for his yearly check-up, the doctor found something peculiar in Dan. It turned out, he had cancer located in his leg and was told that he would eventually lose that leg. Dan was shocked and imminently called his entire team and coach to tell them what happened. Dan had no choice but to leave the team for good because it was best for him.

When he lost the leg, he was given a prosthetic leg which he liked at first, but when he tried to ski for the first time in a long time, he wiped out on almost every slope. Dan realized that he may never be able to ski the same way, and he may never make the team again. After wiping out over and over again, he began to devise a plan. He thought that the only way to make it back on the team was to practice until he mastered it again. Dan thought it would be easy, but he realized that he had to learn an entirely new way to ski in order to become a professional again. He would have to use his prosthetic leg to its full potential, which could end in disaster, but it was obvious that this was the only way to regain his skill, so he soon started hardcore practice every single day.

Slowly, over the course of many months, he began to ski professionally again, and he even won first place in a couple local tournaments. About a year later, his old coach and skiing buddies tried him out for his team again, which he actually made the cut for. It would be a very long time before he would become one of the best on the team, which meant even more grueling training and practice until he could compete in the Olympics again.

Once the winter Olympics arrived, he played in them for the first time since he lost his leg and everyone was extremely shocked when he got first place. His team, his family, and his fans had a big celebration for him. Dan went on to become very famous for the man who went to the very top, to rock bottom and back to the top again. Dan wanted everyone to know that even if you are held down in any sort of way, that you can push through and come to the very top.


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