Midnight Run

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story

On a brisk Halloween night in Maine, the crisp air flowed all around. Timi Finkl  and his friends went trick or treating for some candy. Little did they know one of the areas most wanted criminals was in the area. As Timi set off with Joni Jon and Christopher, his mom told them that they must be careful of any dangerous activity in the area. The boys simply nodded their heads and scurried along to get their delicious candy. Timi, Joni, and Christopher were very pleased with the collection they had so far. They had a trick where one person would go to the house to retrieve candy and once they hit that house they would pass the bag to the next person so that each house would get hit at least three times. They successfully pulled this trick off until they had hit all of the houses in the neighborhood. Now it was time for them to make their way home.

At this time, Christopher had a bad leg injury so the trick or treating took a little longer than expected. Looking around, Timi saw no one outside because it was so late in the night. The only thing Timi and his friends saw was an old white van parked just off the road by the dark eerie forest. When the boys neared the van on their way back, a suspicious looking man got out of the van and asked if they wanted some candy. The boys replied, “Yes!” with very big smiles on their face. The man said, “Here, Why don’t you come over to the back of my van so I can give you some?” When they got to the back of the van, the man opened the doors and told them to reach in and grab some candy, but when the boys grabbed the candy, the man grabbed Christopher by the arm and wouldn’t let him free. The boys ran and Christopher was able to get free. Into the forest they ran in fear, and they ran for their lives. Not saying a word, the only thing the boys could think about was what had just taken place. Timi thought quickly and told the boys to run to their tree house deep in the forest concealed by all of the trees that surrounded it. The boys waited in that very tree house all night waiting for the kidnapper to go away. The kidnapper was very persistent and would not leave the area until he found the three boys. 

The boys had to think of something to get them back to safety. They struggled for a very long time trying to create an elaborate plan to escape the kidnapper. It was not until Timi suggested the idea that he went out into the forest with one of the stacks of firecrackers they stored in the tree house. Timi would set off firecrackers far away from the site that they were hiding so that they could draw the kidnapper away, once the kidnapper wonders off, Joni and Christopher would escape and make their way home. Once the boys get home they will contact the police and try to catch the kidnapper and put him away for good. The boys realize they have to act fast if they have any chance. In a matter of five minutes, the plan is ready to be put in action. Timi begins to slowly make his way out of the tree house to the place where he will set off the firecrackers. Fifteen minutes goes by and out of nowhere, “BANG!!” The kidnapper rushed straight for the noise and the other two boys ran as fast as they possibly could. Meanwhile, Timi was dealing with the task of staying hidden from the kidnapper until the police arrived.

Joni and Christopher made it back and reported the situation immediately. The police arrived and went straight into the forest. The kidnapper was soon spotted thanks to Timi risking his life in the moment by running out in the open to try and pull out the kidnapper. It did not take very long for the police to capture the kidnapper and the situation was quickly under control. Thanks to Timi, Joni and Christopher, the day was saved and so were other children just like them.