Creative Nonfiction

Open Letter on a Broken Heart

Adrienne Powell

Dear —,
Here’s my two cents about thieving: if you’re going to steal someone’s heart, you should let them have yours; it’s hard to live without a heart, you know. If they can’t have ... [+]

Short Fiction

Trading for Dishes

Leorah McGinnis

I truly hate doing the dishes, Tati thought as she regarded a teetering pile of plates and pots and coffee mugs. It was one of those insufferable, Sisyphean tasks of life that never really gets ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Short Horror

Lillian Davis

Late into the night you finally return home. You open the door and step into the unlit blackness of what should have been your home. Instinctively you reach out to flick on the lights, but the light ... [+]

Short Fiction

I, Public Enemy

Jeremy Ng

Long story short, I became Public Enemy Number One.
The last 24 hours had been surreal. I, a 22-year-old college student, was declared by the state as the “the most vicious vermin eve ... [+]

Short Fiction


Annie Nguyen

Your dichotomy of reality and transcendence destabilizes as you breathe in the image before you. Ribbons of sunlight seducing piney branches into a dance. The solemn army of trees expanding far beyond ... [+]

Short Fiction


Taylor Fischer

Tapping her left foot onto the cobblestones, J’s nervous tick is heading into full overdrive. She takes a sip of hot coffee to attempt to calm her nerves. The sip is just a bit pre-mature, and the ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction


Taylor Fischer

The radio blares on, playing the latest pop song, a radio game, or a discussion of the day’s traffic. You look over to the red analog letters: 4:30 AM. The sun has yet to wake up, it’s still ... [+]

Short Fiction

Heaven Or Limbo

Marlene Uscanga

lim·bo-intermediate state or condition.
“What do you mean Billy disappeared?”
“Well, it's as I said sir, we were all sitting in his living room, discussing different ways we could sneak ... [+]

Short Fiction


Rebecca Araten

Grandma was the first one who let me hold matches. Mommy and Daddy were such scaredypants, they would yell at me just for sneaking out of the kitchen when the oven door was open.
“You could burn ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

My Personal Cheerleaders

Hannah Hardy

A frigid breeze whipped across my face. I, standing on the shore, stared out across a glacial lake of Homer, Alaska. As our tour guide informed us, that glacial lake sits in the mountains full of ... [+]

Short Fiction

As Petals Drift, We Walk Away

Katelyn Savard

The chrysanthemums were striking in their glory. Yellows and whites, kissing softly, heads bent together in reverence. Oh, Ria wished to be one of those flowers, heads bent in secret with another. ... [+]