Let's Take A Trip

Ive always had a passion for story telling from a very early age beginning with my fictional diaries. In my adult life I have wriiten poems, two short stories and over 15 speeches in which i competed ... [+]

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Disclosure: This story was prepared for a Tall Tales speech contest. However, This is a true story about a real personal encounter with the supernatural. Read at your own Risk.

On a long summer day, I was home with my two brothers, Kevin and DJ. DJ was the oldest at thirteen years old and I was about nine--the baby-girl of our family. It was a typical day meaning Mom was out working so we had at least five hours to be home alone and discover fun and mischief as usual. My middle brother, Kevin hated to be bored so that summer around noon- we were watching a Walt Disney movie when Kevin shouted, “I am bored, let’s take a trip!!” There was silence at that moment because we all knew that taking a trip to my brother meant Let’s go get lost and find some Fun troubles to excite US. Our trips could include us riding our bikes on highways, dirt roads in wooded areas, jumping over high skyscrapers or chilling on the roof of our home just for a different view.

My brothers always made sure that I was safely positioned between them on our journeys and we never had a dull moment together. This day was no different as we walked maybe a mile or three from our house and turned onto a set of railroad tracks. Half-way down the tracks to the left was a steep hill covered with green tall but thick tree tops that seemed to have snakes crawling all over them. My first thought was “I liked playing with snails but snakes I was frightened of”. D.J. stepped over to the tree tops to inspect for our safety. He gave the ok stating that they were just garden snakes that did not bite humans. We proceeded to travel down the hill. Kevin grew more excited and un-bored with each step. You could tell from his quietness. As stated earlier on, I was walking in the middle of my brothers and they were watching closely to ensure that I did not fall. However, I remember slipping once due to tripping over a gigantic statue, but I also remember keeping my balance.

We all sighed in awe of realizing that this huge stature was of a half Man half mermaid. Neither of us felt frightened since we felt the eerie exiting feeling that we were in a No mans’ land adventure. So, we kept down the hill to the bottom with NO questions. When we reached the bottom of the hill, we noticed that the train tracks were no longer in site and those tall snake tree tops appeared to be a thousand feet away and reaching the skyline. On the ground there was a small tunnel ahead of us in which we all agreed to explore. As we continued to walk towards the tunnel, Kevin shouted in a whisper “Hey, I see someone hovering the water!!” That did not scare us either, so we continued to walk forward then we all took notice that this someone or something approaching us had indeed arose from within the tunnel of water and was quickly approaching toward us. He had a familiar manly face including an expression of expecting us. “Hello guys and girl” the man yelled softly “I am glad you all could join me. This is my lost world and my name is Atlantis. Would you like to explore my land and have lunch with me?” Although the land we stood in at that moment was strange and a bit creepy and full of water, we all agreed that this man with the weird looking legs appeared to be harmless and reeking of mystical mischief. We began to follow him back towards the tunnel with eyes lit of excitement and curiosity.
Atlantis began explaining that somehow in time he had become a half man half mermaid and he would have to carry us on his back through the tunnel to his sea land beyond. Atlantis had three masks that he urged us to wear so that we could breathe under water until we reached his home beyond the tunnel. I was very subjective and giggling a bit because I felt that the mask looked more like a part of a Halloween costume than a water protector. However, my brothers looked convinced and put on their mask(s), so I did not speak a word. Besides I wanted to explore Atlantis lost world and I was feeling a pang of hunger from all that traveling.

Surprisingly so, we all watched Atlantis carefully as his wobbly legs turned into one huge fin as he submerged into the tunnel water. One by one we climbed onto the back of Atlantis the Mermaid. I was in the middle still of course. That was our first mermaid ride and I must admit that we all enjoyed the experience and was amazed that the special masks allowed us to breathe under water. This tunnel was much longer than it had appeared to us from the bottom of the hill. Atlantis finally stopped once we reached another part of land and he then allowed us to remove our mask so that we could get a full view of Atlantis’ lost world. His home was made of many types and colors of crystals and surrounded by a beautiful body of blue-green water. Inside of his home was walls made of gold and his workers looked like little Willie Wonka Umpa Loompas and Keebler’s’ little men. He had berry trees everywhere and starfish swimming in the peaceful seas. We had rice Krispy treats and huge strawberries for lunch. After eating the delicious foods, we spent the next few hours allowing Atlantis to take us for fast rides through his land. Atlantis swam into buildings that he said were nine hundred years old and there were treasure chests full of gold nuggets and precious genuine pearls. It was hilarious to watch the starfish swim around us and I even met a friendly sea monster that was able to turn cups of water into snow cones with a touch of his finger.

Neither me nor my brothers had a watch so we decided that our trip had to come to an end so that we could make it back home before our Mother returned from work. As we traveled back through the tunnel to leave; I remember slipping off Atlantis back into the deep-sea water. Only to awake in my home on the sofa with an ice-cold compress on my forehead. My brothers were both standing over me, I glanced at the clock showing the time of 5:45 pm. Kevin and DJ both kissed me at that moment then Kevin spoke in another loud whisper saying “SIS...are you ok? Do not tell Ma about our trip because you fell on the railroad track, bumped your head and a home-less man came out of now where; assured us you were ok then drove us home on a scooter. I am so glad that you are safe! We tried ice on your face to awaken you but for some reason you kept opening you mouth to eat the ice instead!”