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Short Fiction

She Squared

Kathy Anderson

She sleeps like a dead weight now beside me, lowered into the night, the ropes of the day swaying around her. We know nothing about each other really. She does not know how often my ex-lover visits me... [+]

Short Fiction


Holden Sheppard

What was I thinking? A country boy doesn’t belong in Perth.
I was told the CBD was clean and safe, but as I walk into peak-hour Hay Street gridlock, I’m thrown. The alley beside His... [+]

Short Fiction

Drawn to the Light

Steve Kinnane

Standing amidst the hum of traffic, ghost memories rise up to meet us. They carry us along former creeks and rivulets, through paperbark forests and well-worn tracks dissected by gridded streets and... [+]

Short Fiction

Burns Beach

Rashida Murphy

It rains continuously as I drive north along Marmion Avenue.
‘It’s just a shack,’ Julia had said. ‘Don’t say you weren’t warned.’
I turn the key and push the door inwards... [+]

Short Fiction

When the Cladding Melts

Nadia Rhook

The City is all about scale. An ocean laps at its chest. Mines yawn below its feet. Desserts warm its cheeks with big huffs of wind. In its heart, concrete towers draw squinting eyes toward the sky, a... [+]

Short Fiction


Jay Anderson

He was at Coles when he realised he didn’t love his husband anymore.
They had met at university through the Queer Department’s annual disco – he’d spotted Dan in the soft light of the... [+]

Short Fiction

Crash Landing at Elizabeth Quay

Gillian O'Shaughnessy

I arrive at the bus stop heading for work and see the moon has fallen from the sky and is resting in a crater where the Bell Tower used to be. I’m struck by how unimpressive it looks close up, beige... [+]