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Hey everyone,

My name is Vansh Malhotra, and I am originally from India. Everyone loves to call me poetic as I am passionate about writing poems in English and French on various topics that captivate my imagination. One of the things I adore is surprising my loved ones on their birthday by writing a poem dedicated to them.

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Short Fiction

Trapped In a Jar

Vansh Malhotra

My lungs became sore from screaming, but their ears did not become deaf from hearing as I continuously kept pleading to them to let me go. My head started to spin, and I felt pukish enclosed in that ... [+]

Winner - Community Long Story Short Award 2022 - Short Fiction
Creative Nonfiction

Fragrance of Laughter

Vansh Malhotra

A blood-curdling scream of fear silently echoed through my veins as I woke up from a nightmare that left me paralyzed. Sweat started dripping from my head as the uncertainty of life shook my whole ... [+]

Winner - Community Long Story Short Award 2022 - Creative Nonfiction

Open Secret

Vansh Malhotra

The majority of the crowd exaggerates it to be a destructive phantom,
Diagnosis of its menacing ... [+]

Winner - Community Long Story Short Award 2022 - Poetry