Open Secret

Hey everyone, My name is Vansh Malhotra, and I am originally from India. Everyone loves to call me poetic as I am passionate about writing poems in English and French on various topics that ... [+]

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The majority of the crowd exaggerates it to be a destructive phantom,
Diagnosis of its menacing presence stirs up a roaring tantrum.
Embarrassment sucks the cells of humans like parasites due to its fear,
Yet no one admits to being its victim and suppresses it with a bitter cheer.

Superstition injects into our mind that the world may deem us as mentally ill,
Our confession would lead us in possession of a psychiatrist against our will.
Society may mock us with the forbidding tag of being a patient on the loose,
Hatred will boil into our blood as everyone will comfort us with sympathetic abuse.

Facing anxiety is not a crime that we have to accept this fact with sobriety,
Anxiety is a sign of being normal and alive while functioning well in society.
It's perfectly sane to be anxious in life as that demonstrates one's determination,
Anxiety is the underestimated form of ambition that leads us towards succession.

One is a living corpse if he claims to have never suffered from anxiety in life,
It indicates that one is absurdly fantasizing about cutting obstacles with a butter knife.
Never be ashamed of accepting to possess anxiety as that ruins your health frequently,
The open secret for living on Earth is to battle anxiety by elucidating it honestly.