Fragrance of Laughter

Hey everyone, My name is Vansh Malhotra, and I am originally from India. Everyone loves to call me poetic as I am passionate about writing poems in English and French on various topics that ... [+]

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A blood-curdling scream of fear silently echoed through my veins as I woke up from a nightmare that left me paralyzed. Sweat started dripping from my head as the uncertainty of life shook my whole body. Anxiety started gurgling inside my stomach as I gathered the courage to get out of bed to confess my feelings with my dear ones. Yet my footsteps quivered with fright as I felt everyone would mock me for making a molehill out of a mole. My thoughts reverted to my nightmare where I dreamt about the loss of a dear one passing surrounded by the cacophony of mournful laughter in a funeral. A shallow ocean of tears filled my surroundings as I speculated on it. Then suddenly, the door of my room started banging, and I shrieked at the top of my lungs, followed by an awkward deafening silence.

My grandfather came inside and looked at me pensively. He had sensed that something was wrong, and he affectionately touched my head, asking me to confess my thoughts. I may be able to conceal the best of secrets with anyone, but certainly not with my grandfather. He naturally gets to know whenever something pricks me in life. After telling my grandfather about my nightmare, he did the most unexpected thing. He started laughing out loud. Bewilderment clouded my eyes as I felt my grandfather was laughing at my silliness. But then my grandfather stopped laughing, and he told me that he was practicing Laughing Yoga. "Laughing Yoga," I muttered out in amazement. "What is that, grandpa?" My grandfather ushered me to come into the lawn with him. Then he started explaining that Laughing Yoga is a form of modern exercise involving voluntary laughter, which gradually becomes spontaneous. It is a therapy that kills away depression and stress, supports maintaining blood pressure, reduces the chances of getting prone to heart attacks and helps one live longer. He explained that there are numerous benefits associated with Laughing Yoga. He then encouraged me to laugh along with him and try for myself. I felt weird practicing it at first, but as soon as I indulged in it, I didn't realize how my laughter gradually became natural. It felt amazing to know that I was indeed laughing at my nightmare, which had earlier cursed my morning. We laughed for several minutes, which was like medicine as it started curing away the sadness I was experiencing earlier. People say that fascinating thoughts crowd your mind when you are happy. I experienced this feeling as a marvellous idea that struck my mind that completely changed the life of an anxiety patient like me.

I started with a Laughing Yoga Club in my high school Sentinel Secondary. It gradually gained popularity, and the whole school, including teachers, was motivated by this practice. I later learned that many of my peers were facing problems related to anxiety which got cured suddenly through the fragrance of laughter. My principal was overwhelmed, and he invited me to organize a laughing yoga session for all the teachers. Positivity started radiating in all directions. One could no longer say that nightmares had the power to make me tremble now. I felt so grateful to have learnt about this boon and passed this on to others.

Today, when someone asks me, "How are you so positive in life"? I smile and answer without faltering, "I made anxiety fall in love with me."

Moral:- Laughter is indeed the best medicine.