Trapped In a Jar

My lungs became sore from screaming, but their ears did not become deaf from hearing as I continuously kept pleading to them to let me go. My head started to spin, and I felt pukish enclosed in that tiny jar how I cursed myself for not listening to my parents when they advised me not to wander alone to another planet by myself. But I became belligerent with this idea. I thought that I was an adult who could make independent decisions with no interference from anyone, so I operated the spaceship myself one night and escaped to planet Mars without telling anyone. And here I ended as a prisoner for these aliens who wanted to practise various experiments on me and had idolized me in an enclosed jar like a specimen. My eyes swell with tears as I patiently endure their selfishness while battling sickness. Then suddenly, my heart skipped a beat as I saw an alien withdrawing a surgical knife from a cupboard and approaching me. Will I be alive to see the following day sun on planet Earth?

I flooded the entire room with pleading wails as the menacing paws of the alien touched my face. But he just laughed, seeing my condition as if he was meddling with a Barbie doll. Other aliens started clapping their hands together and capered with excitement as if about to win a Nobel Prize. The alien drew me outside and tied me around a boulder while his eyes gleamed with pride. He drew out his dagger knife and swivelled it numerous times in the air. Then holding it firmly, he moved it threateningly towards my direction.

Instantly one alien came running around the door and muttered something to my assassin in his language, who nodded his head and ordered his fellow aliens to put me back in the jar again. The aliens had left to discuss some critical conference meeting and left me alone in that enclosed jar to perish. Who would have believed that this conference would be a turning point in my life?

The wind started shaking tremendously outside as one alien had left the window open. And suddenly, a huge gust blew by my jar and tipped it sideways. Like lightning, I hurried out of the pot and hopped out of the window back to my spaceship, vowing to never return to this forbidding planet. I reached planet Earth safely and greeted my family, who cheerfully wept upon seeing me. I apologized to my parents for not listening to them and admitted my mistake. They hugged me tightly.

Moral:- Think twice before proceeding to do anything.