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As far back as she can remember, Lilly’s memories of her childhood are all tinged with melancholy.
She can picture herself dragging her early misery into nursery school, being bored in class ... [+]

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They must have been walking for a good two hours. The lights of the town are far behind them. The houses disappeared long ago. Now they are walking through the forest and night is falling. Tom is ... [+]

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You are my favorite cousin, and as this is the worst day of my life, you are the only person I can talk to about it. I’ve been missing you, ever since the vacation at Gran and Grandad’s ... [+]

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It was a deserted spot; she had chosen this time deliberately to get some peace. With her eyes closed, she let herself be rocked by the waves breaking on the beach, in ceaseless motion. The sun warmed... [+]

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Grand Prix Été 2011

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