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Céline Laurent-Santran

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Amelie looked at herself in the mirror for the fifteenth time. It was no good. She didn’t look right. She hastily pulled off the tee-shirt that made her look like a badly-stuffed sausage and the ... [+]

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Thomas had put on his best new school shoes. Of course, since it was the first day of term.

This morning, when the alarm had gone off, Thomas had woken with a jump.

But now that ... [+]

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On 20 July 2013 I took the photo like you might steal a sweet. Instinctively. Stealthily. The snow-covered summit jumped out at me as, with my arms tight around your body, I was gently emerging from a... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Printemps 2015
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My very dear Claire,

I already know so much about you, and yet I have never actually seen you. For six months now, I have been passing you, sensing you, hearing you, closing my eyes when I ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Été 2012

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