Man is not born to enslave

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Scénariste et écrivain né en 1976 à Trappes, Boël Souleymane bascule dans le monde littéraire après un long passé dans le milieu associatif, où il œuvre pour le développement éducatif et  [+]

Man is not born to enslave or be oppressed by his story to a more important role than to finish the forgotten or the victim of a duty of memory.
The human did not come into the world to become the exploitable or negotiable property of another because death is more enviable than a life where one loses the right of property over oneself.
Humans are capable of the worst as well as the best, but very often the worst when their inability to put themselves in the place of their neighbor prevents them from treating them as a fellow human being.
It is insulting for the prevention of crimes against humanity to leave such a small place in the history of slavery and colonization in textbooks.
No one gains their freedom without learning to break the chains that strangle their rights.
Since the genesis of present racism comes from the crimes of the slave systems of the past, it is up to us to influence the future today by liberating this system of thinking.
Life is priceless so humans cannot be a business.
Despite the oppressions that overlap and intersect to form different configurations in your life, keep your mind free as air as no one can chain it.
No one gains their freedom without the will to break the chains that they are trying to make them wear.

extract from the book "The desert of emotions" by Souleymane Boel

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