There's a Hand

il y a
1 min
There, in the darkness of life, stretching through much toil and strife,
is a Hand of infinite grace, reaching with a loving embrace.
I take this outstretched Hand, a sign of denying all I’ve planned,
and clinging to the promises that He has made to all man.

But years go on, and trials come, and I forget the grip of One,
who would keep me close beside and save me from the lethal tide.
These waves they wash over me, as I make decisions selfishly,
pursuing my own wants and affections, allowing myself to be effected.

But then a Hand, still with loving touch, pulls me back, away from much
that would do harm, and towards Himself, and forgiving arms.
Why did I leave such comforting love, given by my Savior, Father above,
abandoned for a foolish desire, destined for destructive muck and mire?

So while I can feel this worlds tempting pull, of everything it promises to my sinful soul,
I feel the Hand holding me still, to His righteous, omnipotent, loving will.

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