The Extra-terrestrial Journey and Humanity of Air-19

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The Extra-terrestrial Journey and Humanity of Air-19

If I were a walking clock,
I would retrieve the passage of time,
Reclaim paradise,
And, revive the Amazon.
If I could heal the crowd,
I would dare to treat the schism of souls,
With a non-fragile instinct,
To cultivate our fertile corners.

The earth is a rotating shell,
Endowed with radiant beauty!
I write in green ink spurting out,
To recycle our doodles.
I take courage to beautify it,
While singing my rhythmic cursive,
To the taste of profit as in paradise,
To save themselves from the blue sharks.

If I were a superhero,
I would refuse our leek,
From a premeditated frightful winter,
To hold our passionate dreams.
If I were a celestial star,
I would shine on the plots,
Trapped in masked fox nails,
In the sub-Saharan fields buoyed.

If the predator's herb game,
Was at the feet of the enchanters,
The plastic grain would spin,
Other islands would be forged.
If I could keep the tower,
I would avoid our clumsy troops,
Malicious unjust spells,
To capture the pure warm air.

We destroy ourselves for air.
Complaining about our greed,
We can never blame the Creator,
Of his divine and gracious providence.
There is always a God who loves, 
Despite of our dark and heinous acts.
With love, we will fly through the other planets,
We wait until we cross the seas of glasses.

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