Prayer for Ending Summer Wildfires (Epigram)

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They burned their ancestors for fuel. -- Laurie Anderson, "One Beautiful Evening"

O Dark Lord of the North
Along with your Water Dragons
Especially the Sky Dragon
Who makes the Jet Stream
Please hear my plea
To work together with
The Queen Mother of the West
And her myriad maidens
To bring rains to the Western Regions
Of Turtle Island;

For once again, heat grows relentless
Becoming an unwelcome guest and burden;
Aquifers are drying up; majestic Redwoods,
Broadcasters of knowledge between lands
To their brothers and sisters across the seas,
Are beginning to die, despite their antiquity;
The sacred Salmon cannot return home
To their birthplace in shallow and warming
Waters that threaten to cook them;
Wildfires rage in many places,
And one small spark from anything
Will set a new one ablaze.

Some of us realize the irony:
We have created this life out of balance
By burning the remains of giant earth dragons
For fuel; as if we could burn the rags
Of mummified ancestors for our own comfort
Without consequence; and reliance
On chemicals and technology to attempt
To correct our folly has created
More suffering and more illness.
We cannot create with elegance
The gentle rains, cooler air, refreshed waterways
That slake the thirst of nature,
Grow our crops, and keep us from heat’s harm.

We are in dire need of gentle,
Sustained rains, brought by the water dragons
From the oceans to the west, cooled
By your majesty to the north, so that
All life may be preserved, and the relief
May help people see that the natural world
Is best balanced through acknowledging
The power and grace of nature
And treating it with reverent kindness.

I thank you and bow to you humbly.

--Isabeau Vollhardt (Earth Poetry Maiden) 2015

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