October 5, 1974

il y a
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Image de Automne 2016
October 5, 1974

Mom’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green peas, and milk gravy.
Brothers clean the table. Washing and drying.
The arrivals begin, the excitement mounts.
Bundled blankets, sleeping bags
and pajamas in tow.

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sloppy writing and ten candles
half melted from an august celebration.
Off key singing, freckled faces, silly chocolate smiles.
The corner piece dripping with ice cream,
sweet satisfaction.

Up late, drooping eyelids, scary stories and whispered secrets.
Waking to a French toast breakfast.
Barbie, giggles, pigtails
and packed bags.
Hugs goodbye, see you Monday.

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