How down and worship

il y a
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Poem in English
My God is awesome,
My God done so much for me,
My God loves me,so am so glad,
I can not tell it all.
If I have 10000 thousands tongues ,
it still won't be enough.So ,am signing
My powerful God,
I miss your presence,let me see your face
I miss your voice, your word ful of tenderness
I miss your favour, to rejoice only in Lord always
Rescue me from spirits evils,
Telling me ,
I love you,
I Rescue you ,
I visit you...
And I miss also the moment of silence, the one that say so much.
I miss everything about you because you are my only one WORLD
We bow down to praise ,
Your undertermined Huges
Your unforgettable stories
Your unbelievable achievement
Your almighty name.
You're omnipotent
You're omnipresent
Thinking and thinking about the day that awaits my mind against me
Because it's will the first and the last time.
I remember This one for ever:"" But He That Shall Endure Unto The End , The Same Shall Saved""
Thank you my God!!!
Composed and written by Gadayé Ndo André Shakespeare

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