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A sound in the darkness,
Deep; Irregular.
Bursting out like an endless
And silent roar.

Breath of agony
Dazzling symphony;
I keep running.
To where?
Nowhere to run from this bloody Banshee!

Angered, cornered, I want to disappear.
But deep inside I am craving...
Craving for life !

I wake up. It's the middle of the night.
Another nightmare, where I'm going wild.
The moon is so bright,
I can hear The Call...
Silver shinning Full Moon!
Your power is so strong.

Staring, sniffing,
Feeling the wind;
Can't resist anymore...
Ferocious, voracious,
Giving in to wildness...
The woods are my witness.

I howl...
No one dares answering my call.
They are hidding, afraid to get caugh...

Who fears the Werewolf?

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