All in a sweat

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As usual, Greg would get back home around 5.30 pm, wash down a sandwich (low fat cheese cream) with a glass of orange juice (C vitamin), change into the perfect jogger or cyclist (depending on the weather and his mood) and leave home for about a couple of hours. Margie would sometimes be home before him at night and she had got used to this passing fancy of his (which was not so passing as it had been lasting for three years now). He had become addicted to this daily sports interval into which he had got deeply involved.
It had all started when his doctor had told him he should lose weight. At 48, he knew how difficult it was, having tried so many times without any positive result : after a month’s diet the scale had presented him with a depressing result : minus two pounds only ! After so many sacrifices ! So he had joined a group whose members also wanted to lose some pounds but it had dejected him so much that he had opted for a personal coach. And it had worked !
Margie was thrilled at his transformation, and approved of his daily sports outing. She was too busy to join him, anyway she was not keen on sports and sweat, and did not need to lose weight : she was as thin as a rake, it was in her nature. However she paid much attention to what she ate and had persuaded Greg to do the same. Beer, greasy and sweet food were forbidden at home as well as at lunch with colleagues, and the whole staff (of the real estate agency where he worked) had seen a positive change (which was not only physical) when Greg had started thinning out. A big word, but the result was visible. He had become more polite, friendlier and not as taciturn as he used to be.
Margie ran an art gallery and her office hours depended very much on the clients and the regular exhibitions she would set up. At the beginning of their marriage, Greg had often passed the sandwiches, but pretexting business (the truth is that it bored him to death) he had soon handed over the job to one of their friends, Mark Green. This had been going on for ten years and life had become somewhat dreary and dull to Greg, until he had found out he could combine pleasure with business : get muscled, lose weight and regain his self-esteem.
When Greg came back home, all in a sweat, of course, as always, he would have a shower and then a light dinner. But one evening, he did not come back. Margie checked the time and tried to get in touch with him through his cell phone. She was directed to his vocal box and left a message. At midnight he was not back yet. Worried she called the police station to signal them Greg might have had an accident. They checked the local hospital, no, no jogger had been admitted and they started night rounds. With no result.
The following day she called the real estate agency only to be told that Greg was on vacation (obviously not with Margie, the secretary had said within five minutes to her colleagues.....). Rather upset, she called her mother-in-law to ask for some news and incidentally said they would probably turn up at a long week-end. Great, the old lady retorted adding she was looking forward to a visit of theirs in a short while. Perplexed, Margie hung up and went to her gallery. Only at 5pm did she receive an SMS from Greg reading he was OK and would inform her later about what would happen next.
There was no sign of him for two weeks. He eventually called Margie to tell her everything was over and that she could start a new life with Mark, he was not so stupid not to have noticed anything ! His solicitor would get in touch with her for the divorce, she could keep the house, the furniture and the car. As for him he had carefully planned his departure from the agency, and had decided to settle down in Jersey with his personal coach, who by the way was called Jessie, and open up a gym club where he would certainly keep fit as a fiddle.

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Merveillous.. A+ incredible!
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Thank you et bonne journée!
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mes connaissances en anglais ne sont pas irréprochables, loin de là, mais j'ai quand même perçu la saveur de vos mots que j'ai beaucoup appréciée.
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Merci beaucoup !