Your Life Your Choices

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Life is about choices I made mine! My struggles in life made me the women I am today I'm a proud mother looking to give my kids a good life  [+]

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You can't pick your family is what they say. If you could things probably would have went a lot differently for Lisa. Growing up in a small town outside of Columbia South Carolina was tough; in Lisa eye site. Lisa didn't have many friends but she did have one good friend name Denise. As a little girl Lisa had the best of the best ; a perfect family as she thought, and a great life. From traveling to meeting famous people you name it she had it. The perfect life came crashing down after Lisa father Sonny moved away. Lisa begin to feel unloved by her mom and the rest of her family. On a day to day basis Lisa was mentally and physically abused by her family. Seen her dad was gone the only person she had to run to was her grandmother Hattie. Hattie was Lisa father's mother. At the age of fourteen Lisa was sentenced to department of Juvenile Justices for three months because she was skipping school. Nobody ever came to visit her . Which made life even harder at this point for Lisa. Some would judge her and say she was just a bad child but hey it's your life your choices right ? Lisa felt it was best to avoid going to school because she didn't have a place to live after her mother Sandra kicked her out. Sandra kicked Lisa out because her new boyfriend said she was to ugly to be seen around him. It hurt Lisa so bad to know her mother chose a man over her only child. Lisa was a brave young lady she learn how to take care of her self. She didn't always make the right choices ; at that time she felt it was best to do whatever she had to survive. Lisa was to embarrassed to tell her grandmother or anyone what was going on because she was afraid of being thrown in a foster home were she didn't no anyone. With her grandmother Hattie being sick Lisa just couldn't allow that to happen. Three months after moving back in with her mother Sandra Lisa had so many bruises she lost track of the total amount of bruises. Everyday Lisa cut grass or clean houses helped the elderly with carrying their bags anything she could to ; just to get money for food and clean clothes. After running out of options Lisa chose to start stealing for the things she needed even though she knew this would lead her back to jail what other choice did she have. Lisa wore pain and hurt all over her face and it's like no one cared or even noticed what she was going through. One day her struggle for survival caught up to her . You know what they say if you made your bed you gotta lay in it. Well months and days had pasted and it was time for Lisa to face the judge again for the stealing. Why! Lisa screamed out loud to herself before walking up to the court house. Standing in front of the judge was never scary to Lisa but this time she felt butterflies in her stomach. See Lisa was just a brave kid trying to survive in this world she didn't have family support and all she had was herself . Were is Lisa now some might won't to know Lisa is living in New York City with her Husband John . They own their own private school and Lisa is working on writing her first book. No matter if you grew up with one parent or both parents or even in a foster home or with a relative. Even if you had or having a worse life than Lisa remember this is your life and you make the choices and you can't let nothing or no one stand in your to being a brave better version of you !


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