The Brave Little Knight

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story
We go to our kingdom with kings and queens from different realms everywhere in the ballroom of Magic Town. Instead of having a good time we hear them discuss about the “Beast”. A horrible dragon from the evil queen in the east, Viktoria Blackwood. As kings and queens ramble on about this issue, one little knight speaks out and proposes to go fight him. They chuckle pretending to take him seriously. “Take our most powerful magic”, one king jokes while shooting confetti out of his fingers. As the all the kings laugh and joke, the little knight runs to the armory and steals a sword, shield, and helmet. He runs away to prove them wrong when he trips on a little puppy dog. Suffering from a tiny concussion he mistakes the dog for the shield and ran off with him.
Waking up from the horrible night he feels the slobber from a tiny tongue and freaks out. Regaining his consciousness in a hut, he is surrounded by old dusty books.. Looking for the cause of what woke him up he carefully goes toward the door confused and scared. When he exits the hut he ends up in bigger hut with more books than he thought was possible. It has been days since he last ate or drank, yet he was not hungry or thirsty. After countless days of failing to escape, he begins to search through the books. Gaining his freedom would allow him to hunt the evil queen. A week of constant reading passes when he goes to the final door. There’s a bright flash of light and he appears in a cave with the little dog in his arms. Suddenly his thirst and hunger return to him. Still recovering from his experiences he decides to write down everything about Viktoria Blackwood. While finishing his notes, the letters in the dirt started to glow and rise from the ground and transformed into a book that had recorded everything in real time.
Exiting the cave, the knight travelled on a path of freshly fallen snow towards Viktoria’s castle. Many months had passed since the beginning of his adventure. The kings and queens who laughed at him thought he was dead or had gone to a different realm. Time had changed the brave little knight. He grew much stronger, taller, and had a lot more equipment he had collected while attacking Viktoria’s troops. The little puppy was now a beast of its own and had teeth as sharp as knife, ran at the speed of a cheetah, and was more furious than a badger.
He approached the main gate ready to pounce on the gate guards. One, two, three, four as the guards fell down he scaled the castle's walls into a land that no enemy had past through. Tracking the queen like wolves, they assassinated anyone who glanced at them. He had the chance to turn back and avoid the possibility of death but couldn’t. He grabbed his sword and bravely charged the door into her throne room. Upon entering, he saw all the realms best knights lay slayed. There she was, Viktoria Blackwood, with a smirk across her face. She rose and said, “Is that all Magic town sent? This will be a piece of cake.”. The knight watched as the queen grew in size. She grew wings and transformed into the Beast. While distracted Viktoria kicked the knight off his feet and prepared to finish him off. Out of nowhere, the little dog bit her neck. Angry, the “Beast” threw the dog and knocked him out. The little knight used that moment to get back up and aim for the chest. As the Beast turned to him, the fight was over. He had pierced her straight through the heart. He cut the head of the Beast off and headed back to Magic Town.
After weeks of travel he finally arrived home. The little knight swung the door open and tossed the Beasts head onto the table during the royal meeting. Everyone immediately cheered at the death of a nightmare and a promotion of a hero. Our hero was promoted to the protector of the 20 realms. He disappeared to protect the people who mocked him and the teaching of new brave knights in the hut of dusty books.

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