Scarecrows of the Farm

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Jeremy, Jane, Tyler, Axel, and Rachel were sitting in last hour at Ridgefield Middle School. They were staring at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. The group of friends has been planning this sleepover for weeks. Rachel’s parents were going to be out of town for her father’s work, so they were going to have a little party of their own without telling her parents. RINGGG. The last bell rang.
Jeremy ran out of class first, and everyone else followed. They all made it outside and started walking the long way to her house. Rachel lived four miles from school, all the way out in the country. No one lived beside the family for miles. On the way home, they passed corn fields, abandoned barns and equipment, and some dead animals. They finally completed the long trek and walked up the front porch. Sitting on the front porch was Rachel’s older sister, Brooke, and she asked Rachel, “Does mom and dad know you are having all your friends spend the night?”
Rachel replied “Yes, of course.” Rachel didn’t think anything of it because Brooke had plans of her own party who knows where. The friends sat down at the kitchen table, ate some food, and started on their fun for the night, while Brook left to go out. It very soon came to be late and dark, and it was time to get some sleep. Everyone was snuggled up in sleeping bags in the living room, when they heard tapping on the window. The girls screamed and jumped together. Axel screamed, “What the hell was that?”
Tyler and Jeremy were too scared to reply. Still shook up, the group slowly crept to the window to investigate the eerie noise. Rachel’s house stood one hundred feet from the nearest corn field. All huddled together near the window, they scanned the horizon and the corn field looking to find where the noise came from. Not far from the fields edge, a shadow was caught by Axel’s eye. “What was that?” said Axel in distress. Tt tttt, another tap came from a window on the other side of the room. Jeremy yelled, “I am not staying in here like dead meat, we are going to go out there to fight!”
They loaded up with a anything that could be used in the house. Rachel and Jane darted to get knives from the kitchen, Axel got a baseball bat from the closet, and Jeremy and Tyler ran to the garage and found a hammer and crow bar. After grouping up with all the weapons, they slowly crept out of the front door. The stay in the group all the way to the corn field. After walking in the corn, Tyler asks the group, “Where is Jane?”
No one knew, then out of nowhere, there was a high-pitched scream. Everyone started running toward the scream. One scarecrow jumped out in front of them, Axel swung his bat hitting it in the face, spewing straw all over. Out came another one, scratching Rachel on the face. She turned towards them scared with blood strolling down. Before they knew it, they came to a skip in the corn field. They looked around trying to find her. Still nothing.
Then, out of nowhere scarecrows started charging them. One by one the children were swept away by the scarecrows. They were screaming and fighting in every way to get away from the scarecrows. The only one to get away was Jeremy. He ran through the corn stalks desperately trying to find his friends. He finds Axel laying on the ground with holes everywhere, stomach eaten out. None of his other friends could be found. More scarecrows approached Jeremy making loud and creepy noises. Jeremy sprinted as fast as he could towards the house. As he got in, he ran to the nearest phone to call Rachel’s parents. “The scarecrows, they took everyone, including your daughter.”
Her parents began to cry and rushed home right then. Jeremy dropped the phone and whipped around to fight the ones that made their way into the house. After destroying the ones in the house, he went back outside to still look for his friends. After running and running, he came to terms with the fact that the scarecrows got to his other friends, just as they did Axel. Jeremy broke down and cried.
Then, everything went black. Rachel woke up and saw her friends scattered all around the living room, still asleep. She woke all her friends up, making sure everyone was okay. She looked out the window, all she saw was a plain cornfield with not one scarecrow in it. Still scared, she called her parents and told them everything that happened. Rachel told her friends what she dreamt about on the walk back to town, still frightened. One by one, the friends left each other going back to their homes.

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