Image of Short Story
Have you ever had a feeling where you feel like something happened and it’s an ongoing memory? Like Deja Vu? Or kinda like nostalgia? Yeah me too. But the difference is that mine won’t stop. There was one day in early 2017 where I saw this big circular contraption. And all the scientists with scientific gear around it. While I was staring at it, this apple shot right above my head. It had the word help written on it. Then I heard a weak whisper calling “Help”, I figured it was a prank or just a coincidence of some sort. I tried to forget about it but I just couldn’t. Every day, ever since then I get blinded for 5 seconds and there that memory is, playing inside my head. It’s been almost 2 years since then, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I try saying to myself, “It was just a prank Sydney.” But then I start to think that the person was in danger. But what was it doing in the middle of the street? But I had other things to worry about, like my homework that I have yet to finish. It was the morning. I woke up at 3 am yet again, and I got dressed, got on my bus, and got to school. I took a seat at my desk waiting impatiently for the class to begin so I can have something else to think about. This girl walks up to me and asks if the seat next to my seat is reserved. I shook my head, eager for class. I glance around the girl next to me, and she was reading an article. The article’s headline was, “10 year old girl, known as Apple Tosser, now missing again.”
“Hey do you know anything about that?” I ask
“Yeah. Apparently her name’s Grace, but she’s known as Apple Tosser due to throwing apples at people with messages on them. She was last seen in January. Rumor has it that she’s being held hostage at a laboratory, and she’s being used as an experiment.” The girl explains
“Oh My Gosh that’s horrible.” I respond
“Yeah, it’s depressing to see that.”
When I returned home, that’s all that was on my mind. Was that the same girl who threw the apple at me as a message for help? Could it be true?
The next day I begin to look on the same street that I found the contraption on 2 years ago. I look strange, as if I should just hold up a sign that says “Did you happen to see a giant circle looking thingy around here” I stop in the middle of the street again, and I see the same memory. I saw a fish market. But instead of a Fish market, there is a Pizzeria. I go in there to hopefully find information.
“Hello. Do you know if there was a fish market here 2 years ago?” I ask hopefully
“You mean Joe? Yeah he doesn’t work here anymore. He went off to be a scientist in a laboratory.” The lady responded.
“Scientist huh? Do you know what he was working on, specifically 2 years ago?”
“Yeah. Some circular contraption. It’s down the street, no more questions kid, unless you’re going to order something.” The lady said in a rude tone.
I headed to the laboratory and snuck inside. It was so hightech that it was basically powered by AI. I turn and see doors labeled 1,2,3,4,5. I go to door 5 where it has experiments. No wonder it was called an experiment door, it had over 1000 experiments. I go to 2015-2018 experiments. I grab the bobby pin from my hair and pick the lock to the 3 year projects. I grab the person’s sweaty palm and pull them up.
“Sydney? Is that you?”