A Pair of Bright Green Eyes

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"I understand you're busy right now Will, but will you please pick me up? I don't want to walk home in the rain." After a moment of silence Will answered, "Alright fine, I'll pick you up in an hour," then he hung up. I sighed deeply. My brother Will, was always trying to annoy me. He told me that it was his "job as an older brother to annoy his only other sibling." I also knew that Will was lying. He wasn't busy, he just didn't want to drive in the rain. I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Christopher Sullivan or "Chris" as everyone likes to call me. I'm 15
years old and I am the youngest in my family. Will is my smart and athletic 18-year-old brother who moved out after graduating from high school. He now lives in an apartment near his college, with his boyfriend Jack Knowles. I go to Lyall Hopkins High School, get good grades, and read a lot in my spare time. My mother calls me her little genius and says that I'm very smart. My brother calls me a wimpy nerd and says that I should play sports more like he did.

Everyday I ride home from school but today I decided to walk home to celebrate the sunshine after weeks of rain. I guess that wasn't meant to be. While I was enjoying my walk, the sky opened up and I got drenched in rain. I ran and tried to find shelter as fast as I could. I eventually ended up in an abandoned two story house where I decided to stay until the storm cleared up. When I realized that the endless downpour really was endless, I decided to call my brother to come pick me up which leads us back to my current Situation: Temporarily trapped in a creepy abandoned house, alone!

After the phone call I sighed stood up and looked around. The house was
disgusting! Everything was covered in mold and dust and I swore that I could hear the squeaks of mice every now and then. It smelled in there too. The house was musty, smelly, and had a faint trace of cats. I considered going back outside and sitting on the porch while I waited for Will, but the temperature had dropped several degrees because of the storm and it was getting cold. I really didn't want to go back inside the house though. Even though it was empty and no one had lived their for years, the house still seemed quite eerie to me. But I sucked it up and decided to show Will that I was not a wimp.

So there I was, sitting in a dark and scary house, alone, in the rain, waiting for my annoying brother to come pick me up. Sounds fantastic doesn't it (note the sarcasm). But while I was sitting there I kept hearing weird sounds coming from one of the other rooms and the strange feeling that someone was watching me. Of course I ignored these feelings and tried to "not be afraid of every little thing" as Will always told me. But as time lingered on, the sounds became louder and the feeling of someone watching became stronger and it became harder for me to ignore them. Finally I decide to prove to my brother, and to myself, that I can be brave. I followed the sounds until they became
louder and louder. I found myself in front of a closed door. I knew I shouldn't have opened it, but my wanting to prove myself was clouding my judgment, so I pushed the door anyways and several things happened at once. The door, instead of swinging open, crashed to the ground, and the weird noises suddenly stopped.

The room appeared to be a kitchen, everything was broken and, like the rest of the house, covered in dust. After getting over the shock of finding the room I realized that the weird sounds I heard earlier had started again. I followed the sounds and found out that they were coming from an old fridge that was located in the back. I opened it and was instantly attacked by a vicious smell of food gone horribly bad. Once I got over the assault on my nose I returned to examining the inside of the refrigerator and found a lot of moldy food, some rats, and a few black and white picture frames that had the glass broken on them. I wondered why they were all broken and shoved in the fridge. So naturally, I took one of them out to look at and when I did the weirdest thing happened.

The moment I looked at it, it burned me! No joking, it actually burned me
leaving a nice sized blister on the palm of my hand. After dropping the picture frame from shock and pain I looked down at the picture and gasped. The photo was black and white, in it were three people standing side by side with each other: two men and a young girl. The first man was short and had a smile on his face. His eyes seemed to give him this aura of happiness even though they looked gray in the black and white picture. The girl was short and looked very young. She had long hair and a look in her eyes that seemed almost like fear. I wondered what she was scared of. The last man was the one in
the middle with his arms around both the girl and the boy. He seemed to be the tallest of the group with hair that was pulled up into a small bun.

Even in the picture he seemed to radiate power but it was his eyes that gave me chills. His eyes seemed to bore into me the longer I looked at him and I continued to get the feeling of someone watching me. As the feeling grew stronger, the man's eyes began to change until finally they became a bright green. I jumped back in shock, dropped the picture, and spun around but there was no one there. I looked back down at the fallen, broken photo and noticed that the man's eyes had gone back to normal.

The feeling of being watched had left me though as I straightened up and looked around. Finally I decided to leave the creepy kitchen and explore some more. Now I can't explain it but it felt like something was drawing me to the staircase so that's where I went, only I didn't stop. I started to slowly walk up the stairs while the watchful feeling grew stronger until I reached the bedroom at the end of the hall. I stopped, took a deep breath, and foolishly opened it.

As soon as I stepped into the bedroom the door slammed shut behind me. The only light source came from a few lit candles placed strategically around the room. The decorations made me think that it must have been the room for the young girl in the photo. There was a small white desk in the corner, the walls were pink, and along the far wall there was big white bed with a green pillow on it. Here too, were old pictures of the same three people: two men and a young girl. They were in different locations like the beach, Paris, Hawaii, there were even some taken in Disney. But the weirdest thing was in every photo, the girl had been x-ed out. Another thing I found weird was, unlike
everything downstairs in the living room and kitchen, everything here was clean and unbroken.

As I got nearer to the bed I noticed that there were several beautiful baby
dolls on it. A closer examination showed me that every single one of them had bright green eyes. I immediately began to sweat as my blood ran cold and my heartbeat raced erratically. They were all pointing at the ceiling and seemed to be looking at something. I took a deep, shuddering breath and looked up. I was met with a pretty pink ceiling fan and a pair of bright green eyes.

"Oh Christopher," said Will, "I always said you were a wimpy nerd. Your imagination is running away with you. Again." He finished rolling his eyes and ruffling my hair. I was sitting in my brother's car shaking like a leaf. "I am not lying William," I said using his full name as well, "I swear they were bright green and, and-" "Alright, alright sure." But I could tell from the look on his face he didn't believe me. He told me to hurry up and buckle because he had a date tonight. So I quit trying to get him to believe me as I sat in the car full of exhaustion and fear. As my brother pulled away from the curb and began to
drive down the street, I decided to brave one last look at the house that had probably scarred me for life. And as I did so I thought I saw a pair of bright green eyes watching me.


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