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Image of Rendez-Vous, August 2019 issue

The girl upstairs doesn’t know
How old I am.
I mean old old old
I don’t know either, 
I sit in my chair all day.
Forever I have lived in this chair.
I stare at the tree across the street.
The lawn needs cutting.
I smell the toast that young girl
Makes, toast in the toaster.
I know her footstep on the floor.
I hear her in the morning.
She eats toast all day, all day.

At night she runs a bath,
Never washes the tub,
I never hear her wash the tub.
She came down here once, locked
Herself out of her room on the roof.
Had to sneak through here—old folks 
Land—to get up and in.

She looked like Gretel in the house of old
Gingerbread women; if she came near me I would bite her. 
She probably tastes juicy. 
She didn’t like to see this nursery of old old old babies.
Her eyes darted—down left right—but I saw her stare at my
Whiskers, oh, yes, little girl, we become animals
When we age, we grow whiskers and horns and 
Bend to all fours, this is your future, sugar plum.

Oh, shit, she’s burned the toast again.
It’s gonna be a good day.
The firemen arrive
When she burns the toast.


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Image of Mattie Darling
Mattie Darling · ago
xD lmao this was very amusing.
Image of AB AB
Image of Prithvijeet Sinha
Prithvijeet Sinha · ago
Humour ends up enhancing the serious implications of life. I loved, loved, loved your take on it. Thank God for poets like you.
Image of Nina Ward
Nina Ward · ago
I enjoyed this poem. I like the humor mixed with the sadness of growing old and lonely. Well done.
Image of Marie Milord
Marie Milord · ago
we become animals
When we age, we grow whiskers and horns and
Bend to all fours, this is your future, sugar plum.
i like it ! well pictured .

Image of Irene Yawazee
Image of Alex Grey
Alex Grey · ago
I really enjoyed this poem - it has a wonderfully light touch which made me smile, even while thinking about the serious issues of loneliness in old age. Great work!
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
A powerful poem that evokes the question of growing old !
Image of Chateau briante
Image of Rhea Rose
Rhea Rose · ago
Thank you so much for your comment.
Image of Chateau briante
Chateau briante · ago
je crois que mon commentaire a disparu...
je vous relis
et je reviens

Image of Danie Botha
Danie Botha · ago
A spritely tongue-in-the-cheek look at grower older and somewhat cynical.
And oh so funny!

Image of Rhea Rose

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