The world of short fiction can often seem overwhelming and, at worst, impenetrable. With thousands of places to submit your work and thousands of places to read great fiction, where does one begin?

At Short Édition, we want to bring literature to the readers, whether they're short fiction newbies or long-time veterans. Our Short Story Dispensers serve the democratization of short fiction. They bring the literary world to the streets, for all people, and they do it with flair and free of charge. You simply press the 1-, 3-, or 5-minute button for a tactile literary experience, a rare and treasured thing in our digital world today.

Providing a connection between readers and writers, the Dispensers are quickly becoming meeting points for communities: literary watering holes drawing people together to support local talent and discover stories from other places and cultures. By opening a general submissions period year-round, we hope to give all writers the opportunity to participate in this unique community.

Starting July 1st, rendez-vous at your local Dispenser. The editorial team at Short Édition will be publishing a monthly selection of original and unpublished short fiction in both the Short Story Dispensers and on our website. So, mark your calendars for the Rendez-Vous, the release of each collection on the first of each month.

What are we looking for, you might ask? Short stories and poems to delight, inspire, surprise, and, most importantly, move our readers. Button fiction — very short fiction published at the push of a button — is found in unexpected places, whether it's when you're savoring the last sips at the local coffee shop, waiting in line at the DMV, or strolling through the airport. We want to insert a bit of storytelling into the mundane moments, elevating the role of story in the everyday.

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