Space Pirate

The constellational shapes filled the black void,
small to the naked eye,
but gigantic proportion
of pure light,
engulfing any unlucky vessel,
the name Icarus burnt on the starboard.
The little symbols blinked in the space pirate's eyes.
Solitary confined in the dusty coffin he calls home.
A fictitious fisher,
trusty ferry lining the catch,
baiting sparks of S.O.S signals,
patiently waiting for his fish.
Hands click along with his beats.
To eventually stare at thousands of eyes,
unknowing to his presence.
Such a wonderful feeling.
Isn't it.
A fish came gliding through the floorless gloom.
Its fancy beacons could not be unnoticed.
Not even the orbs have the power.
Crying out in sadness when the space pirate left it's many eyes,
gazing back to the false illumination,
presenting itself for the kill.
Dulled by their sense of security.
Untouched in desolate space.
The large craft lacked sight of the camouflaged shark.
Space pirate reeled in the ship.
Baiting sparks set,
the rest of the schools will never notice an absence.
Abandonment of his comfort space,
left no impact on space pirate.
Floating around the incoming basin.
Mind indulged in the notion that nobody knows.
Others in the past never knew,
now they're living in squalor,
as the space pirate flies high,
on an albatross.
As thousands of minds centered on the sparks of help,
a silent scavenger loitered behind,
Effortlessly knifing through the metallic butter.
Casket briefly discarded.
Slithering towards the center.
Hands tick.
The space pirate's true enemy.
The immune system will figure out the infection.
He'll need the agility of a dolphin,
if he wants to claim his deserved prize.
Maneuvering down the twisted foyer,
sliding past the unsuspecting views,
lowering level to level,
sinking into the floor,
physical form permanently out of sight.
The Space pirate swells in comfort.
The albatross flies high.
X marks the spot.
Holes filled with pleasant unfulfillments,
Treasure chests barely buried.
Strewn items discarded like rubbish.
Space pirate counted a small fortune.
Space pirate's bags overflowed with satiny guts.
Space pirate ogled the sweet flesh.
It begged him to hack some more.
Hands tick.
Smaller eyes burned on space pirate's starboard,
skewing the space pirate's plan.
Out of the millions,
tiny orbs left on the cutting floor.
A deflection.
Perturbation spurred the space pirate.
Blind in the act.
The little eye met colourful blue.
Albatross soars too high,
the stars engulf the bird,
smothering a shriek.
Hands tick.
Wet slick, Space pirate attempts control.
forget the guts,
swim to the surface,
Hands tick.
Space pirate encounters more eyes,
all enraged in reddening bliss.
The sea proceeded to engulf him.
Hands tick.
A blunder buster of fireworks,
magnetises to his figure.
The dangers of false light,
submerged Space pirate in its hot presence,
stabbing him in the most tender spot,
but his heart was already in that state.
Hands stop.
Space pirate's coffin lay waiting for his dripping return.
His own alien wit forced him back onto shore.
He refused to let the sea swallow him,
drowning his deplorable crimes.
All he wants to have,
is a lasting look,
at the stars.