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Once upon a time and in a galaxy where the impossible can be possible there was a system of stars so beautiful and majestic you can find yourself getting lost In the glitters that fill up the dark complexed sky. Just as much there was dark in the universe it carried the right amount of colorful extravagant constellations that would put any curious seeker in a daze. There came a world no bigger , nor no smaller, than any other extraordinary creation. In this world there came histories of mysteries of which lied in places for expressive believers.

At a time where no one has ever seen , there came Gods, placing stars on the planet to help illuminate one another. This world grew lavish of color similar to the swirls above, but with order comes conflict and the gods wanted to see who was brave enough to help the next. The God’s for decades sat and watched who would pick up the trail to help pave the path..... of what you may ask?..... I'll let you decide.

Over time the world's unjustly events grew more and more , the havoc which grew stronger in illusion, which that made kingdoms all around grow more dim. What used to be a mirror of above started to lack below and in order to keep the everlasting galaxy as bright and starry-eyed it needed to reflect its observer.

Aura due to the queen in which ruled the kingdom of dystopia was quite fearful in many occasions. Aura would walk in her mother’s shadows for many years following every order ruled to her.The queen was informed by aura months ago that a friend of the queen had hurt her in the most unlikely of matters. Yet instead of helping heal aura she left her to dwell within her accusations leaving anyone who would listen to aura outside the castle to not risk being of the same fate.

The curse had a power so great aura was casted within a cage in her own mind. Left to find the key herself , to set herself free. Yet months became years and aura had started to think all hope was lost. How would she ever break this fearful curse placed on her. The queen held her secret close to her cold heart knowing that aura had a power great of her own and in order to keep her power she had to trap her greatest opposition.

One day there was an announcement that a king outside the kingdom would be coming tonight and taking those with him to help build his kingdom.Those who would share their greatest asset will be rewarded the honor. Gazia, was something otherworldly, this land was one that ones would hear by the campfires from the elders. Aura had heard stories of this world before of how beautiful it was of where your most heartfelt wishes and dreams could come true. A small warmth of hope tickled aura’s cheek , yet the queen standing behind aura said in a low growl , “Dont think someone like you could actually attend something so great. Only the great ones would be able to attend , and you little one is far from great”.

Later that night the air was filled with festivals and freshly made food to enjoy before the grand arrival. Aura was still upset of what her mother told her earlier as it continued to replay in her mind like ripples from a pebble skipping across a lake. Aura had been walking in a part of the forest that she has never been to before and decided to take a rest by a stream of water that reflected the night sky like a mirror.As she gazed up she wondered if what her mother said was true , that maybe she wasn’t great and that she would be cursed like this forever.

A small russel came from behind a tree , startled , aura jumped up and not giving whoever or whatever was around her to have the complete advantage of taking her by surprise.

Aura - Who’s there?

Voice- Why are you here alone? Don’t you have an event to go to?

As the voiced figure came out from the shadows of the trees it multiplied from to more than aura could count.

Voice- My name is Starlet.

Aura - Why are you in the forest? Hiding ?

Starlet - The same reason you are..

Aura- I have a curse placed inside of me.
Starlet - So do we.. But what are you going to do about it. You have great power inside you , that is how we found you here.

Aura- I have no power , if I ever had a power that was taken from me long ago.

Starlet - Yes , but aura your greatest gift was taken from you. My grandmother would tell me stories of a young warrior that would come and overcome this curse on one special night. An tonight aura is the night , as the king comes down to see the people. Are you really giving up now?

Aura- Why can’t you do it then since you have all the answers?

Starlet- You hold the power great enough to help break this. The key, that we have been waiting for. We’ve tried many times before but it has never been enough to overcome.

Aura takes a second to look at the other young somber faces looking at her from up in trees to down by the rocks and immediately felt a connection to want to help in someway.

Aura - Ok , I have a plan

Aura walks back into the kingdom and spots her mother looking for aura , commanding her servants to find her so that she could be away from the king’s presence. Starlet and the others where right to aura’s surprise she didn’t realize just how far her mother the queen would go to keep her bound.

The Queen- Don’t stop looking for her , she can’t know the truth to who she is!

Back to the king , mystical creatures fall and wide where in a trance of excitement for seeing the king. The king starts to walk toward the heart of the event and raises his hand and the crowd immediately silences.

King- Is there anyone here that has not come to present their most worthy asset , come now and show yourselves!

Aura slowly steps into the crowd , her steps were timid but her presence spoke differently. The queen caught aura making her way toward the king and instantly became furious.

King - Aura is it?

Aura- Yes

King - Your late , please what value could you bring to my kingdom.

Aura nervously looked around and took pictures of the faces of those from the forest and felt the the push to do what she felt mattered most in an and all kingdoms. Aura told the king why she was late and apologized greatly and looked to him with eyes of hopes that he would forgive her. As aura spoke her truth to the king the crowd remained quite. The shackles in her mind started to rattle with each word to her truth , she could feel the curse breaking off of her as though a beam of light finding a crack within the darkness.

As aura stops , she looks up to the king with a tears down her face. The tears were far from being a afraid but that she found the courage to speak them outside the castle. The king looks at her , and as being a king he was able to know the truth as to exactly who aura was , even before she spoke. The king was able to read her before even speaking knowing the profound weight placed on her and yet didn’t give up to face the very thing that kept her away from others for so long.

King - What a courageous young warrior you are , for going against one of the greatest curses of all. What do you have to say about this?

Aura - I would never want someone to experience this curse , I needed to take a stand to help those trapped in cages like mine.

King - All those who agree with aura step forward now to meet your fate.

Confused of the kings words she started to think what would happen to those who would step forward. No one step forward for a second , but then starlet made her way through , and then more from the shadow forest and stood strong and tall by aura’s side.

King - To those who have stepped forward , this is also you standing by your truth and I need brave warriors like yourselves to help me within my kingdom of Gazia.

Aura was amazed at what she did based on her courage and fearlessness to speak before the king of one of the greatest kingdoms and for him to believe her and see her for who she really was.

Starlet - Aura you did it !! you’ve saved us from the curse!

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