I Am Beneath the Sky

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“I am beneath the sky. Shooting stars are raining down. It is quite magnificent.”

A few thousand miles away, when he received this little text message, he was also under the stars. He had also just been watching a hail of meteorites. And he had made a wish. The same one several times, in fact. Just to make sure? And then that text arrived. Just at that very moment.

With his head in the stars and his heart beating fast, he replied, “Did you make a wish? I did.”

She could hardly get over receiving such a fast response to her message. After weeks with no news. This had become a custom between them; their silences were as full of meaning as their words and continued when they were in each other’s presence. They knew they were united whatever happened and did not need lovers’ demonstrations of effusive emotions.

It was August. The time of the Hesperides, those showers of shooting stars that could be seen by the naked eye in the cool of the night. It had become a ritual every year to lie in the grass on those evenings. To take a pause from the routine, meditate on time passing and the things he dearly wished to accomplish. A moment to observe and take life as it comes.

She had met this man at an airport. Both on their way to Asia, they had got to know each other, exchanged addresses and phone numbers, seen each other again, fallen in love, become attached for ever. It was difficult to explain that attachment when you don’t live together, when your lives are both full and different yet you can’t imagine living without each other. Was it a matter of karma? An earlier life to be resolved? A serious love affair. Knowing that they existed for each other was enough to carry them further. Living had since then taken on a completeness that she hadn’t known before. He hadn’t known what loving was before he recognised her. It was obvious. Unconditional Love. Their meetings always held the magic of the first times and the sweetness of shared familiar places. A unique link.

The next text left her still somewhat in the stars, suspended in an outburst of laughter: “Would you agree not to marry me for the rest of your life?”

“That was my wish…” she tapped on the screen of her phone, smiling as she replied.

Translated by Wendy Cross


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