Short Fiction

Abyssal God

Julian Beatty

And so Marine completed the Sorceress's trial, as did each of her two companions, Markus and Amara. For 14 years Marine searched the Earth for power that could defeat the Abyssal God, the primordial ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Love Letter

Jessica Tran

Love letters, they’re meant to be a symbol of love, where once can express their infatuations or admiration for another. Who knew that the story of my first love all started with a misunderstanding ... [+]

Short Fiction



It was early evening. The clouds cleared the sky, revealing the sun’s light. The residue from the rain from earlier left faint markings on the car window, distorting the world beyond. Simon sat in ... [+]

Short Fiction


Tina Abraham

I’d first laid eyes on her two weeks into freshman year of college, when we were all just starting out our adult life. I was only eighteen then, but I knew I was falling in love. Her dirty blond ... [+]

Short Fiction

Falling into Ashes

Helianthus Sorceress

They used to say that he was a legend in the making, a sun god rising from the ashes.
With his precise pyrokinesis and agile wing speed, he was nicknamed Phoenix Light. He was a famous hero ... [+]

Short Fiction

Fox Call

Joshua Eller

I stood on the cusp of the cliff and let the wind run through my fur. The waves struck the cliff down below as I looked out at the storm looming over the ocean, a force powerful enough to blacken the ... [+]

Short Fiction

Adventure in Desert

Ali Mhowwala

It all started with a misunderstanding,
And here we were on our knees in the Afghan desert, guns pointed at us in the scorching heat of a 120 degrees sun, moments away from being silenced ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Jaws of Time

Rebecca M

I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. It was all a misunderstanding. I never should have messed with the time machine without Dr Chen. Before I explain how we got ourselves into this mess, I’d ... [+]

Short Fiction

Life Hacks

Victoria LaBarre

“There has been a colossal misunderstanding” Sasha threw her exasperated palms up as she shifted in her seat. Principle McLain peered over his reading glasses, holding Sasha’s transcript in one ... [+]

Short Fiction


Alyssa Hathaway

It was the first Friday of a new semester of college, and I was sitting outside my classroom, waiting for class to start and doodling in my sketchbook.
“Hey!” I looked up to see my friend ... [+]

Short Fiction

Partisan Passion

Abby Brookshire

“The monolith is vocal today,” Amy said with conviction as we passed the Turning Point USA fundraiser. I giggled, admittedly, instead of coming up with something witty to add on. Damn! why do I do ... [+]

Short Fiction

Final Grade

Emily Rogers

The Texas weather had been relentless the last few days of the semester. The week of finals came and so did the rain. Anyone knows that this campus has the worst drainage system, so by the Thursday of ... [+]

Short Fiction


Nathaniel Emory

I was a janitor in a nursing home for two years after I graduated from college. I really was a musician, but since I had no music gigs, I needed the janitor job for the money. Apart from me, the ... [+]

Short Fiction

Life as I know it

Lesley Salinas

It all started with a misunderstanding at least that is what I keep telling myself, I’m sure he didn’t really mean it, how could he. We have been married for over 10 years, and something like this ... [+]

Short Fiction


Katherine Parks

It always surprises me that the belts and ribbons holding these people together have not burst. While they use proper forks and knives as real humans do, their eyes manifest such an innate instinct to ... [+]

Short Fiction

Pet Cemetery Revisited

Kathy Abel

The sun shone brightly that late, autumn day, but there was a definite chill in the air. I pulled one last weed from my urban vegetable garden, exhaling a sigh of satisfaction as I finished the last ... [+]

Short Fiction

Never Owe the Fae

Sarita Stuckey

Marie walked home humming along to the music in her headphones, crunching the orange leaves under her sneakers along the way. Her phone vibrated, notifying her that the headphones were low on battery ... [+]