The Point Shoes

The point shoes that she had worn in her ballet classes had not aptly prepared her for the tiptoeing that she would need to do throughout her life.

Carpets made of eggshells and roads paved with thin ice would test the tips of her toes constantly, keeping her alert at all times.

There was one day that her focus slipped for just a moment. Her mind was working too quick, thinking too much of herself, and she slipped on the thin ice, cracking through and sinking deeper into the hole that she had made for herself. She immediately felt the numbing pain of the cold, and tried to fix her mistake immediately, but her efforts to swim right were fruitless for a moment. But then the icy tide was forgiving, and she resurfaced.

How to patch up the mess she had made? Only time could freeze over the wound. Caution, she decided, would be essential as she moved forward. Care would be taken to never make another hole, to never again offend the balance that was needed in the journey.

The tiptoeing may seem tedious, but many a time, it is needed in order to maintain the peace and kindness of nature. As we try, and try, and try, nature will then forgive, forgive, and forgive. She remembers this humbly, and moves forward.

On another occasion, a more intense one to recount, ignorance was the enemy. A hard stomp created fissures in the already fragile surface. Too quick to stop, too chaotic to control, the cracks turned to into craters, the tears into trenches, and she couldn’t escape her own mistake. Running did nothing. Ignoring did nothing. Apologizing was merely a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Staying was necessary. Waiting was necessary. Caring was necessary, and changing was essential. She did, and she learned of the value of those things, and time healed what she could not fix. Empathy overcame the ignorance that had grown within her, and she progressed in her knowledge of the safe versus the dangerous, the wrong versus the acceptable.

Now...there is no need to tiptoe: she has learned to walk upon the soles of her feet without even making a crack. Her efforts to transform have not been in vain. A soft stroll is taken with confidence. Moving forward is easier, and the calm comes with facility.