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All the News Is True

Via D'Agostino

There are—lions—roaming the streets, roars rattling frail windows and doors, eating the poor. Menacing, golden-maned monster—stay inside or see your own insides spilled out on the ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Why Slavery in America?

Mountain Nose

To some degree, American slavery was due to the glaciers of the last Ice Age that ended nearly twelve thousand years ago. As the ice, covering five million square miles and as thick as 10,000 feet ... [+]

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America, My Home


Proudly, my grandfather stood on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in the year 1920 reading the inscription, “Give me your tired; your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  Send ... [+]

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Terraine Smith

While I am embarrassed to not know of my Black history Juneteenth, I am also angry, that my school system failed me when I was coming up in my time of the 40ties, and 50ties with that ... [+]

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My Coloring of America

Erin Campagna

An open wound, a gunshot, a hand leaving a loud, angry mark on a pale face. Red, the color of states that people look dismissively down upon, while the constituents trapped inside scream ... [+]

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You Be the Judge

Mary Tabor

When Judge Sotomayor, Hispanic, born in Puerto Rico, was about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, I was more interested in her love life. She lives alone now. After her divorce (she married ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Tiger, Oh Tiger

Kenneth N. Margolin

The black man who approached from the rear of the gathering at my father's burial looked to be one hundred years old. He was frail, but not bent. He walked haltingly, supported by two black ... [+]