Short Fiction

The Journey

Nathaniel Beardsley

Wind whistled over the barren landscape as the boy climbed yet another hill. He paused for a moment when he reached the top, resting his legs and rubbing his hands for warmth, then pushed his way... [+]

Short Fiction

Two Halves Make A Home

Sasha Wai

“It’s important to remove the foam,” Natasha said. She lifted her cooking spoon to reveal juicy pieces of salmon underneath a pot of boiling water. 
“I know Mama,” Masha replied in... [+]

Short Fiction


Veronica Mantha

Curtis died eleven days ago. Farrah died eight days ago. Leah died six days ago. Harry died three days ago. Jerome died yesterday. I was the last, I was next. 
I slide down the embankment to... [+]

Short Fiction

Radio Silence

Clara Nox

When I was a kid, I tracked the passing of time by the radio programs. The rise and fall of the sun had no meaning to me: the day began when the morning news programs reported crashes on the... [+]

Short Fiction


Sheila Hill

I was always a barefoot kind of girl. I had shoes of course, I just preferred not to wear them. Whenever the weather was warm enough I liked to spend my time outside, wading through tall grass and... [+]

Short Fiction

Coming Home

Jim Hogarth

Summer’s reign ends, urged by the relentless march of the seasonal parade. Growing purple evenings wink safely off to sleep undisturbed by the cracks or pops of fireworks or whooping wild boys... [+]

Short Fiction

the warmth of the stars

Kate Lucas

 “You’re freezing.” Her hand flies out to catch mine, transferring its warmth to my tingling fingers as we huddle together at the top of the hill, a carpet of dark grass sprawled out beneath... [+]

Short Fiction

Home Again

Benny Blue

I’d never really been the “group study” kind of guy. Until high school, I’d always powered through on my own, got good grades, etc.
Then came... 9th grade biology. Holy crap, was I... [+]

Short Fiction


Grace Rust

Jane felt a hand slap squarely on her exposed back and prepared herself to berate the offender relentlessly. She whipped her head around, and let her brother have it. 
“What the hell, Henry... [+]

Short Fiction

On a Cold Winter Day

Seraphina Wong

The world sleeps under a white blanket, unaware of the emotions I feel as I stare at the empty playground.  A small wind blows by, causing the swings to sway and creak. You’re not here eithe... [+]