Shane Moran

My eyes are tired and heavy,
I’ve woken up, again, in the McGlothlin basement, ... [+]

Short Fiction

Home is Where the Backstory Is

Jeannine Brokaw

After another fast-paced day, the four adventurers were sitting in the bar of the Dragon’s Dungeon Inn. Suddenly, they felt a change in the air as the geometric orbs of predestination ceased thei ... [+]

Short Fiction


Oluwatobi Adepoju

Jumoke, Deji, and James are Nigerian-American students from Virginia that received a fellowship to work at a technology company in the central city of Lagos, Nigeria. They have been tasked to pitch ... [+]

Short Fiction


Catherine Green

              It’s always jarring to see my mother’s face on a magazine. People talk about magazines being glossy, but most aren’t. They’re nearly dull. This one screams ... [+]

Short Fiction

All Lined Up

John Lin

I am sitting on the staircase looking out the window while the mother takes down the balloons and streamers. Painful quiet in the air until finally the gray car pulls up in the driveway. I stand up ... [+]

Short Fiction

Home Away

Kate Kowalski

With the customary three raps of Gavin’s life-size StarFleet Viroblade-2000 replica, the biweekly meeting of the Beechwood Middle Intergalactic Relations Club commenced. The BMIR Club (pronounced ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Shared Home

Conor Sokolowsky

I stared into death; death stared back. The piercing gaze of the beast pinned me. I could not move. Dare not move. Locked in its predatory gaze, my vision tunneled. I was tuned to the highest note ... [+]

Short Fiction

Where is home?

Joo Young Ok

a. the house you grew up in
When you close your eyes, the images, sounds, smells, all come flooding back.
It’s been years, but you can still transport yourself in an instant, across time ... [+]