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as she sits there quietly
the people moving
through a series ... [+]

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“Martha, stop that dear. You’re being silly.” 

“Yes, mother.” I cease fiddling with my dinner utensils and look outside. I can see the gorgeous garden spread out before me; a large ... [+]

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I have sat by you for most of your life. I have loved you for even longer.


When you were first born, it was winter. As the season passed, you grew into your rosy cheeks and big brown ... [+]

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The man playing the guitar didn’t want to be famous. He preferred the street corner, ‘cause the crowds paid him no attention, and the liquor store was on the same block. Sometimes he’d leave ... [+]

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“It’s important to remove the foam,” Natasha said. She lifted her cooking spoon to reveal juicy pieces of salmon underneath a pot of boiling water. 

“I know Mama,” Masha replied in ... [+]

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With my tongue flapping in the wind, I saw that the trees I passed were black and white. The buildings were black and white; the sky was black and white; everything was black and white. I’m a ... [+]

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The attic was dark and warm. Not a pleasant kind of warmth — the kind of mid-August heat that results in nothing but nausea and misery. The room was stuffy and the ceiling low, which made standing... [+]

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Chirp chirp chirp,

The birds sang outside, as they overlooked a long green field. The blades of grass grew tall, the sunlight bounced against the leaves, warming the petals of the wildflowers. ... [+]

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Wind whistled over the barren landscape as the boy climbed yet another hill. He paused for a moment when he reached the top, resting his legs and rubbing his hands for warmth, then pushed his way ... [+]

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When I was a kid, I tracked the passing of time by the radio programs. The rise and fall of the sun had no meaning to me: the day began when the morning news programs reported crashes on the ... [+]

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Curtis died eleven days ago. Farrah died eight days ago. Leah died six days ago. Harry died three days ago. Jerome died yesterday. I was the last, I was next. 

I slide down the embankment to ... [+]