It takes someone remarkably special,

to make a rainy day feel warm.

to feel cozy under blankets 

amidst a racing mind

to cherish the company of silence,

as real as a lover or person in kind.

to listen to the gentle sway, of a silent melody

herding thoughts like cattle-

shamelessly curled up as I'm fighting my battle


What do I look to? An external prowess on the horizon

it is only when I look beneath my chin

that the regal beating of my heart

begins to honor the steady rhythm from within

my grounding voice is built-in


Just like a bird flying from a nest to the next tree

the leaves greener and always, easier to see

let us not forget our branches from which our leaves still grow

that also need our tender droplets from which our care can flow


Let us honor our expansive home

our wisdom that is built within

a part so easily forgotten 

beyond where true love can begin