Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Translated by Wendy Cross

"Maddy, we've got some very exciting news to tell you," said Mom and Dad.
And I was very excited. I was sure it was a dog! They'd promised.
"You're going to have a little brother or a little sister."
What were they talking about? That wasn't in the plan at all. I didn't want a little brother or a little sister!

When Mom came back from the doctor, Dad picked me up and said to me, "It's going to be a little sister!" But when I looked at the photo I couldn't see any little sister, just a weird black shape that looked like a monster.

When I first heard the news, I was afraid that Mom and Dad might forget me and not love me anymore. But the opposite happened. We went for long bike rides, they took me to the fair, made me all my favorite food and let me have three stories every night before I went to sleep.

Mom's tummy grew very round and a lot bigger than a soccer ball. I pretended not to be interested in it, but I really wanted to touch it. Mom took my hand and put it on her tummy. She whispered softly, "Knock, knock, who's there? Your big sister has come to say hello to you." I could feel something moving under my hand. I was a bit frightened but Mom reassured me. I had loads of questions buzzing around in my head. I started to talk and talk and couldn't stop.

I helped Mom pack her suitcase and a little bag for my little sister too. I chose the pajamas she was going to wear: white ones with two pink rabbits on the front.

I was doing a jigsaw puzzle with Mom when suddenly she said, "I think your little sister's coming!" I stared at her. Then she peed on the floor. Dad laughed and said it was water that was in Mom's tummy to protect my little sister.

Grandma came to look after me. I couldn't sleep. I looked at the ceiling where Dad had stuck stars that shine in the night and I hugged my teddy bear, Hector, very tight.

When Grandma opened the door to the hospital room, my heart was beating so fast, about to burst. My little sister was in Mom's arms. I went up to her, looked at her and sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to her.

"Look, she's smiling at you," said Mom. My little sister is very beautiful, she doesn't look anything like the monster in the photo.

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