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Kenneth N. Margolin

Kenneth N. Margolin is a retired attorney, and lives with his wife, Judith, in Newton, Massachusetts. Ken made it a sacred mission to avoid legalese in his professional writing. Ken's stories have been published in print and online, in Short Edition, Evening Street Review, Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight, The Literary Hatchet, Dash Literary Journal, among others; poetry in Shot Glass Journal.

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Creative Nonfiction

Where Have You Gone, Chu Hua?

I met Mia for the first time at my tennis club. A small Chinese woman with dark brown eyes and short-cropped black hair, she greeted me with a heavy Chinese accent.
"Are you Ken?" she asked.
To my ... [+]

Short Fiction

Swimming Home

Twenty years ago, I took my daughter, Sara, to the ocean for her fourth birthday. She just learned to dog paddle, and proudly walked up to anyone in sight, saying, "I can swim." The sea was calm, so ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Tiger, Oh Tiger

The black man who approached from the rear of the gathering at my father's burial looked to be one hundred years old. He was frail, but not bent. He walked haltingly, supported by two black ... [+]

Runner up - Jury America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Creative Nonfiction
Short Fiction


When did my heart harden? How did empathy slip away? Dr. Lindelson pondered these questions in the spacious office where she had practiced psychotherapy for forty years, since she completed he ... [+]