Window Tapping

I am an inspiring author. I've always love to write because it helped me find my voice when they're times I couldn't say it in words and it takes my emotional burden of my back. I'm from Morristown ... [+]

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It was 1:30 AM when I sank into the middle-aged mattress as the darkness embraced me into her arms. Like every individual, I toss and rotated my body in a quest for comfort while my saliva fell onto my pillow like a waterfall. Suddenly, the silence in my room was mortally disturbed by a minuscule tapping on my window. Being surprised by the uninvited guest inside my backyard, I rolled into a fetal position as the blankets shield me from any detrimental forces.
"This can't be happening!" I whispered to myself, "All this noise and the dog is not even barking."

The tapping still continued as I cower with confusion and fear. In fact, I lost all the strength to make myself vulnerable to walk up to the only window in my room to reveal the culprit. As the window tapping played an eerie tune to my ears, something started to tamper the keyboards as if it was playing a famous symphony on an organ. My blood glaciated when I realized that I made sure to put down the computer before I began my temporary slumber.
"Well, looks like Death is paying me a visit tonight." I said as twisted the sheets into a cocoon that's stuck to my flesh.

My heart sprinted while the the tapping and the typing noises hit the soprano notes. I found no rest but only encountered hopelessness. They kept tapping and beating until I finally woke up equipped with a clenched fist and demonized face.
I wasn't able to carry the burden of being tortured in my sleep. So I quickly rose from my twin sized bed and turned on the lights.
Then, the extremely enraged teenager marched towards the armored window and stood firm.
"Why do want to manipulate me so much?!" I screamed, "Can't you see that I'm trying to earn a good night's rest so that I can properly take a test in a couple of hours!"

The atmosphere shook as I didn't get satisfied enough to return to my bed.
"Go bother someone else and leave me alone!" I demanded.
I trotted back to the light switch and substituted the light with the onyx realm. I returned to my bed where I tried to get comfortable once more. This time, the tapping from the backyard and the typing from the living room ceased to exist and never returned to my thoughts. Silence once again reign in peace as I chuckle softy into my sleep.