Why did I get up that day?

I am a Venezuelan author who lives in Germany. I have written short stories and poetry. I write in several literary writing groups and for a non-profit foundation. The writing has given free rein to ... [+]

Image of Short Story
Why did I get up that day? When I opened my eyes, I could only hear their disproportionate and incomprehensible screams. I thought about going to see what they wanted, but then I figured it would be the same as always. Without further ado, I got out of bed full of night sweat and the remnants of drowsiness. It was hard for me to stand, but I kept walking towards the living room. When I reached it, my helpless body collapsed on the couch. But the screams were so continuous and lacking a charitable pause that did not allow my head to find peace between the smells of the remains of pizza on the table, the cigarette butts and the dust on the furniture. After many attempts I managed to get out of the thick jungle in which the upholstery of that old sofa had become. With great difficulty, my legs managed to guide me to the bathroom door. But just when I thought I had reached my goal, the contact of the back of my head with a cold and abandoned metal baseball bat made me forget all my fatigue and all the heaviness of my body. My mind was "black" and the force of the screams had disappeared from my ears. All thanks to one of the girls who could release herself from the bondage. The only embarrassing thing is that my body was left bleeding on the dusty carpet and I could never go to the toilet. I do not know why I woke up that day!