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As Master Onimoto pulls his unconscious student up 2000 meters from under the sea he is sure his student will never live up to the legacy of her Elite Warrior mother and grandmother. Though he is aware that death has consumed the 11-year old, Master Onimoto remains calm as this was a common situation with trainees. Born to warrior parents on the planet Tula he trained as a warrior to the age of 17. After spending ten years fighting hundreds of galaxy enemies he decided to leave the dying planet and come to Earth to train young Warriors from neighboring planets.
“Amaterasu Omikami, our Shinto Goddess, Kya looks to serve as you intend. This lesson was difficult for our advanced warrior. She is skilled beyond her years yet her mind falls behind. You are light and light is what heals. My hands are healers. My hands are in need of light, excluding red, excluding blue.” He chants as two other students appear from the water to stand over Kya. From the planet Willan, as Kya, the girls appear with the same pink skin as she.
“Ah Cha da ma.” Master Onimoto chanted as Kya’s eyes open.
“I’m sorry Master, I failed.” She replied.
“Kya, you suck as a warrior.” Annima insisted.
“Annima, bury your comments.” Master Onimoto demanded.
“But Kya’s a chicken and is not a warrior.” Marina said agreeing with Annima.
“Annima , Marina it’s not your decision as to who earns warrior status. My trainees, your training session is over, I ask you to leave.”
“Master everybody knows that Kya is useless.” Marina yells.
“She should go back to her Queen mother.” Annima said laughing.
“Please leave!” Master Onimoto yells.
Not happy, the two girls walked slowly from the shore to disappear into the trees surrounding it. Meanwhile Master Onimoto realizes that a long discussion with Kya was needed so he sits in front of her and pause.
“My fine student, it is evident that your physical skills demonstrate a Warrior of twice your age. But my fine student, your mental skills fall behind those of Pre-warriors.”
“But Master, I know you are upset. But it was scary and dark and deep and not to mention that infusing the core is harder than you said it would be.”
“Your skills demonstrate your readiness for such elementary moves.”
“But, I never wanted to be an Elite Warrior or any warrior.” Kya yelled standing up.
“Oh” Master Onimoto replied shocked.
“Young Kya I understand your fear. I tell you what, to help build your confidence I will break this drill into small pieces.”
“No, I don’t want to do it, I just want to quit.” Kya insisted.
Now Master Onimoto was use to letting trainees go but to have one quit was not something he had experienced. Disappointed he was lost for words. Contemplating what to do about his prized student’s lack of confidence he paces for several minutes, mumbling to himself. Finally, he stops to stare intensely into Kya’s eyes as she was now standing at the edge of the shore.
“I will honor your desire. As of this moment your Warrior training has ceased.” He replies before turning to walk away.
“But wait.” Kya yells with no effect.
Waiting for Master Onimoto to leave Marina and Annima fly from the tree line over to Kya.
“So loser, why are you wasting our time. You know that you will never pass training so you should just leave.” Annima said bullying.
“I tell you what Princess Kya. How about I give you a boost and kick you back to Willan.” Marina said laughing.
“Leave me alone.” Kya cried.
“Cry baby, the next time I see you will be the last time I see you.” Marina said.
Upset, Kya was determined never to see another person again. Her goal was to stay in her home for the rest of her life and avoid talking to anyone. But later that evening as Kya laid under a green blanket on her queen-sized bed a knock was heard at her bedroom door.
“Go away”
“Kya, its me.” A voice was heard
“I said go away”
Angry the girl on the other side of the door appears through the locked door then walks to Kya’s bed. Kya turns to face the adjoining wall placing her hands over her ears.
“What’s wrong with you?” Lome asked concerned.
“Gosh” Lome said frustrated.
“Why do you shut down like this. I get so tired of it.” She continued.
“They teased me at training.” She cried.
“I died doing drills.” She continued.
“So I quit.”
“You gonna let those commoners get you down like that. Man Kya, we are royalty, we were born warriors and not quitters.” Lome said.
“Stop saying that, they are right. I am useless.”
“Oh my goodness.” Lome said shaking her head.
Lome looks at the fear in her friend’s eyes and realizes that she needs help more than criticisms. She then walks slowly to Kya to put her arms around the frightened girl.
“Lets go to the beach and work on your drills.” Lome suggests softly.
“Ok?” Lome said insisting.
An hour later Kya and Lome arrive at the shore.
“Kya, come on, let’s get started.” Lome begs as Kya stops at the tree line.
“No I’m fine.” Kya replied.
“Kya, aren’t you the older one, now come on.”
Ignoring her friend’s request Kya turns to walk through the trees but them notices Marina and Annima. Trying to avoid a confrontation, she turns to walk in the opposite direction.
“Hey scaredy cat. Where you gonin?” Marina yells.
“Leave me alone.” Kya yells as Marina sprints to her and grabs her on her right arm.
“So Kya, when you going back to Willan?” Marina asked.
“What’s it to you?” Kya replied scared
“Because I’m tired of you and your so-called royal family.” Marina said hitting Kya violently on the arm she just released.
“Cry baby.” Annima responses.
“I’m not going back.” Kya cried backing away.
“Well, since you think that you are so big and bad I’m going to show you that you are nothing. “ Marina said.
“We see your sister on the shore waiting for you. We are going to kill her.” Kya’s eyes enlarge.
The two girls fly to the shore, sweep up Lome then dive into the water to 2200 ft. where they penetrate the 10ft thick core wall.
“No!!” Kya screams as she angrily flies to the shore noticing Master Onimoto arriving.
“They took Lome, they are going to kill her.”
“Settle down dear Kya, I will rescue her. Just give me one minute and I will bring your sister back to you.”
“No, she’s my sister.” Kya screamed before diving into the water.
Within 1 second Kya arrives at the core. She stops and stares at the shiny black thick wall, grits her teeth them at the speed of light flies into the core landing in an opening where she sees Marina and Annima running a beam of red and blue light over Lome.
“Well look who it is, our little scaredy cat.” Marina laughs.
“I’m surprised you made it in here.” She continued.
“Leave her alone.” Kya demands.
“Go back to your mother and cry.” Annima replies.
Marina and Annima continue running the lights over the still body of Lome and begin to put a red blanket over her head. Without thought, Kya sprints to Marina, takes the blanket and kicks Marina and Annima to the floor, disabling them. She then runs to the body of her sister and best friend.
“I will save you, don’t worry.” Kya said as she takes Lome’s body and flies through the core walls then to the shore where Master Onimoto still waits.
Kya begins healing Lome with a strong beam of green light from her small hands. Instantly Lome begins to move and open her eyes as Marina and Annima surface. Kya approaches the two.
“So, where do you think you’re going?” Kya asked angry.
“It’s not your concern.” Marina replies.
“Excuse me.” Kya said stepping nose to nose to Marinna.
Marina, scared, backs away, looks at Annima and the two kneel on one knee and lowers their heads.
“With all respect, we are sorry.” Marina said honorably.
Kya stares as Master Onimoto slowly approaches her.
“Young Kya”
“Yes Master.” Kya replies nervously.
“You have demonstrated physical strength, mental toughness and confidence, all qualities of an Elite Warrior. You have not only made me proud you made yourself proud.”
“Yes sir.” Kya said as a green glow appeared around her body.
“Congratulations, my Elite warrior”

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