Walking Down the Pew

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In our generation “Generation Z” we have a misconception that age has an effect on our life choices and decisions. But in reality, the only thing that affects our capability when it comes to decision making is our brains. So this life story is how I did what many Generation z couldn't even imagine. My family would always tell me I'm going to be a preacher someday and that came to pass. Like every story, there's a conflict, climax, and resolution.
I was nine years old when I decided that I wanted to become a preacher. Though this was rare I knew I had a strong passion for preaching the word, but I did not fully understand the responsibilities of being a Clergymen. There was the one thought that would always slip in my mind, “am I mentally prepared for this mental challenge”. It took me a while to fully gain the capability to learn. Further down the in the future, I decided to continue my path of becoming a clergyman when my great-grandmother passed away. This was one of the hardest challenges I had to face because she was my mentor when it came to pastoral training and etc. She guided me through the roughest path of life and even the smoothest. But she left this world leaving her legacy for me to carry on.
I came to a point where I had a clear concept of what I wanted, so I took the next, though I had to go through a process of grief and sorrow. I decided enough procrastinating my future! I'll never forget it, on hot Sunday afternoon there was a meeting with me, my mother, and the senior pastor of the church. He started off by saying, “This will be a gigantic step for your son, and it's up to him if he wants to continue on this path God prepared for him”, I took a moment to let the room clear its mind, I then stated, “I am ready for gods plan for my life”. With this, my mother and grandmother began to cry as my dad was shocked without tears. I knew that this would change everything, I knew that more responsibility would come.
As time went by it was the evening of my trial sermon. I felt this huge nervousness that tried to overcome, but I did not let it consume me. Every clergyman from the city of Camden was there some black and some white. There were clergymen and churchgoers of all different faith to see my light shine at the trial sermon. As I waited in the beautiful pastor's lounge that was filled with white leather chairs and two tables of refreshments. The chairman of the deacon board came in the lounge and said, “Minister-elect, it is time for the procession to begin”. so all of the special clergymen from the presiding Apostle into the presiding Elder lead the way to the front of the church. As the procession music “One day at a Time” began the procession of the clergy started to walk in. As I was walking up on the door I went into prayer to and ask, “ Lord my God I ask that you prepare me mentally and take all fear away in the name of Jesus the Christ Amen!”.After my prayer was over the master of ceremony than called my name and stated a few things about me. As I was walking along that elongated aisle, I looked at all the familiar faces in every pew, and suddenly all fear was gone. There was a smell, a smell of joy and humbleness that soon fell on me I then knew I was prepared to give it all my best. Once I got up on the pulpit to deliver my trail sermon I said unto to the congression “let us go before the throne of grace” I prayed like never before. The church was filled with so much energy and positive spirits to the point where I believe people weren't just there to witness history but to be supportive of the history. As I soon began to close my sermon and around of standing ovation occurred. People all across from the choir section, pulpit and pews rendered a type of praise saying, “ Amen, job well done, God bless you, and may heave smile upon”.
Well after a few Sundays went by I had gotten mail from the African American College of Bishops stating that they wanted me to be the presiding chaplain for the youth department of Kershaw County Abundant life association. I took this honor and with that honor, there was another great goal that I waited six and a half years waiting for. The Senior pastor gave me a called and said this Sunday will be your installation services as Youth pastor of Mount Moriah church. I was filled with so much joy and excitement that through all of the trails and tribulations I've accomplished my number 1 goal. “ The people of Camden South Carolina, I present to you Youth Minister and Presiding Chaplin of the Abundant life assicaoiton, Minister Malachi j Alexander!!!”