To Do What Is Right

I was in my room one night, talking to an Internet famous man online. Jason Sanders. He was using a different account and thought no one would pick up on it being him. He used it for negative thoughts, mentioning and praising Lucifer, bashing religion, bragging, saying he wanted to rule the world, and plenty of remarks full of misanthropy and nihilism. And of course, death. He was not anyone to admire or grow attached to, but he certainly was interesting to observe. I believed he was evil, and dangerous to society.

I saw several dim flashes of green light outside the curtain. I watched how I worded everything in the messages. I got a text from an unfamiliar number and opened it. It said to come outside. I went to the backyard, which had become a forest. It was raining. A blue eyed man arrived with a group of people, telling me the importance of helping others and how I was needed. I had no idea what was going on. He explained that war was coming, and I had healing powers and superhuman strength. How and why did I not know it before? I agreed to go with them and try to help.

Somebody brought up the username of that secret account I had been talking to, and they said they knew it was Jason. I didn't say anything, but when a woman in a pink dress kept insisting it wasn't, I was tempted. I stared at her, she noticed, and she turned her head. Either she had a crush on him that made her delusional so she thought he would never do anything sneaky, or he was paying her to defend him. I could have easily proved her wrong and upset her. The other woman insisted that it was him. Somebody asked why it mattered. The accusing one said it mattered because he was a Psychopath who was good at manipulating, and had no issue doing that, lying, or using people. She was almost right, except I thought he was a Sociopath instead. But what did I know, I was no expert.

A guy I used to envy in high school for being a talented writer, was the group leader. It made no sense to me, because he had always been a pacifist who was afraid of everything. It was almost like the rest of the group wanted to fail. None of us wanted to fight, but we would have no choice. Many people expressed the fear and anxiety they felt. Some were trembling and in tears. We were given good news that night, we could all choose to go, or not. More than half of the group decided they would return home. I desired to do the same, but I couldn't. If I did so knowing I had those abilities, I would be a terrible person.

Once it all began, warm yellow aura surrounded me. The bombs and gun fire were so loud. My ears rang, the ground shook, I felt sick because I knew that each one brought injury or death. The logical part of me kept insisting I flee immediately. I decided that if I died, at least it would be after I had been useful to society. A while building collapsed in the distance.

I noticed Jason in the battle, and that wasn't all. He was on the other side, and he was their leader. I knew this meant that he had lied and tricked good people into thinking my side was evil. I felt repulsed and furious, but I wasn't surprized. At one point, I saw an acquaintance in danger, and there was no time to warn him. I moved in front of him and ended up being stabbed by a sword. The blade went between two of my ribs. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I believed I would die then and there. My senses changed. Time seemed to slow down, people appeared to move in slow motion, everything sounded quieter, and my sight began going black. Some men scolded me, saying it was stupid to worry about him, and that I should have let him die, because he wasn't the one with special abilities. I didn't have the energy to reply, but I did mentally. I told them that I did it because I was aware that I was not the center of the universe, and I was not more worthy of life than him. He thanked me for it, and asked if he could help. I asked all of them to place one or both hands on me, hold still, be silent, and focus. They did, I focused too, and I healed enough that I was no longer bleeding or at risk of dying.

After returning to normal, I made it my mission to take Jason down. The man intimidated me and frightened me, but that didn't matter now. That monster needed to be stopped at any cost, even if I had to force myself to go through with doing it. I shook, my pulse raced, and I wanted to run away. Unlike in movies, there wasn't any dramatic dialogue or drama between us. It would have been foolish to let him know I was there just so we could exchange words. All it would do is waste time and possibly get more people killed. Similar to what happened to me, I stabbed him. Only, it was from behind.

Jason's demise brought the end of the war, and people from both sides celebrated. Courage was extremely important, whether someone was that way by nature, or only in dire situations. Without it, I would have been responsible for many deaths, ongoing conflict, and trouble down the road with Jason remaining alive to continue brainwashing others. I was naturally a coward, but I could be courageous when it came to defending or protecting those who needed it.