The Unusual Driver

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It was just any usual day at Garden City, Kansas. When the clock hit three P.M., three friends headed home on their school bus numbered thirteen. Nothing seem out of the ordinary but something was about to go horribly wrong. The three friends were freshman at the Garden City High School and have a passion for cheerleading. But the three friends don’t share the same type of interest. Lily loved to play the piano and sing while Allie was obsessed with buying as many bathing suits as possible. Cierra was different though, she was just in love with the color yellow and if you see her around, she’s most likely wearing something yellow. It was a ordinary day for the three girls. After the final bell rang the three girl would gossip while walking to their bus to return home.
When the girls entered the bus, something didn’t feel right. The bus had a peculiar smell of blood and the girls noticed that there were a different bus driver. Something was strange, but it was too late since the bus was already moving. The driver went down the usual dirt road toward the girl’s neighborhood but he missed the turn into the neighborhood. He continued down the dirt road instead. The girls stared at each other and started to panic, but kept their composer.
“You missed the turn, sir”, Lily yelled toward the driver.
The bus driver remained silent and continued down the dirt road until he made a sharp turn into the woods, where they vanished into the dense and murky wood. That’s when the girls knew something was seriously wrong. All three girls took out their phone and dial 9-1-1. There was no service in the woods so they were unable to call for help.
“I’m scared”, Allie and Cierra whispered to Lily.
“Stay calm, we’ll be fine”, Lily replied.
The bus driver drove on for a few minutes, swerving around trees and rocks before he stop abruptly. The driver opens the door and walked off the bus. The three girls looked out the bus window in relief until they saw a broken down house where the driver had gone inside to retrieve something. The girls didn’t know what to do, Lily suggest taking the wheel and driving off but Cierra and Allie wanted to hide in the woods. The three girls was arguing on which escape plan they want to go through but it was too late and the driver was already back inside the bus with three hooks on a chain in hand. He was standing in the middle of the aisle of the bus slowly walking pass each row of chairs, scanning to making sure he didn’t miss anyone.
When the driver reached the three girls, he slowly grin showing off his red shark-like teeth that was covered in blood and hair. The flesh on his face was slowly pealing off, showing the girls that he was wearing a mask made out of human skin, which had a cut out hole for the mouth and eyes. The bus driver was a cannibal! The girls frantically try to escape the hook but it was no good. All three girls were hooked by the shoulder and dragged into the basement of the broken down house. When they were being dragged through the house, Lily was able to spot the keys for the bus and the dozen of chopped up body parts on the table beside the doorway. While in the basement, there were also two other people down there, chained up with them. They were still alive but was missing a few limbs.
The girls were slowly chained up next to the other two survivors. The cannibal left the basement and went upstairs to continue chopping up and cooking his human meal. Lily looked over at one of the survivor and she instantly recognized her. It was Ashlynn Powers!! Ashlynn had been missing for a few months now and was considered dead. She went missing on her way home from school and the bus that she was on had also vanish.
“Ashlynn, Ashlynn! Is that really you?”, Lily whispered to the bloody and batted Ashlynn.
Ashlynn slowly looked up to see Lily in tears.
“I’m so sorry”, said Ashlynn.
“What are you sorry for?” Asked Lily.
Ashlynn broke down in tears and wasn’t able to speak. With all her strength and anger, Lily was able to pull the hook out of her shoulder and helped unchain everyone in the basement. Lily lifted the broken Ashlynn up the stairs while slowly creeping through the basement doors to the bus key. Everyone slowly creep through the house and onto the bus. The bus came to life and so Lily took the wheel and retreated back into the wood. The cannibal heard the sound of the engine and bolted toward the bus. He was no match for the massive yellow machine so he stood there and watch his meal drove off. Lily drove her friend and the other survivor back to town, to which a search team was put out to hunt down the cannibal that was hiding in the wood. They were not able to find him. According to legend, he’s still driving a school bus till this day.

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