The Street Pharmicist

He woke up with a smile on his face. He was optimistic, because he burned the bridges from yesterday. His mother kissed his left cheek, and his little sister waved goodbye after he tickled her stomach. She slid her little arms through her pink mini mouse book bag straps. He walked out into the street with his fast food uniform on. He was proud of having a nine to five job, that he could barely stand. As soon as the work day passes through, reality starts to sink in. His boss starts messing with him. That's what most managers do, because a little power makes people cruel. Customers constantly complain. Because he's a sweetheart, co workers take advantage of his determination to make money. They push him to clean and do things that aren't apart of the job description, just to embarrass him. The man works so hard but there weren't any results. The lights are constantly off, barely enough food in his home. He couldn't get a better job, because he was afraid of losing his government assistance. The man regrets dropping out of college to help his family.
This is the part of the story that he doesn't see his future. He questions himself and never gets any answers. He separates himself from his environment and locks himself in his room. This young man refuses to ever go to work again. “I ain't never going back!” He throws his uniform at the thin off white wall in his room. This is where he hung all his fitted hats and his signed basketball jerseys. The young man stared at the news papers that he pinned to his bedroom door. He forgot that he's from a place that people he knows might not be seen the next day. People drop like flies on a burning hot street light. The sight switches from the news articles to the reflection of his face. He put both of hands on his light brown face. Every girl knew who he was, he has the cutest face. This young man had a personality to steal any girl's heart. No, not Keisha Holmes. Keisha was this pretty girl, who loved to spend money that didn't belong to her. To him, she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, with hips like Venus and skin like a tangerine. She had dreams that he didn't understand and couldn't sell her. She dreamed of buying her first Gucci bag and to fly first glass, even if she needed to give up some ass.
He loved her so much. He saw her ambition to get out the hood, but didn’t understand why she took that route. He took his hands off his face and realized that his depression was real. He left his job, and watched his mother and his baby sister struggle. He was embarrassed. So, one night he got on his knees and placed his elbows on the edge of his bed with his fingers grossed in between each other. He wrapped his head with a black silk wrap because of the Bible it says to wrap your hair when you pray.
He prayed for Keisha to come into his life. He prayed for a better life and the safety of his family. The next day he walked down the block and saw a couple of old friends. All three of them had thick gold chains and gold in their mouths. There was one thing that caught the young man’s eye, an all white phantom. He let go and finally asked, “Man what do y'all do!” All three of his friends looked at each other and shook their heads. One placed their hand on his shoulder and said, “Let's take a drive.”
They explained their lifestyle and he agreed. “Are you sure?” They had to ask again. The young cutie shook his head yes and was ready to change his life. “For Keisha, for ma’ and little Lily.” He thought, when the eldest passed him a joint. He didn't smoke weed, nor did he drink alcohol. So, his chest burned a little. It was one o’clock in the morning when they dropped him off home, he almost tripped over his feet getting out the phantom. He walked through his living room with his mother sucking her teeth at his bloody red eyes and tired face. He ignored her to rush to lily’s room. She was sleeping but he whispered, “Don't worry about a damn thing. I got you—forever.”
He aged with time. Lily had something new every week. His mother watched him with anger and kicked him out. He left with the same ambition. Living a life within the concrete streets and bloody hands and moving when the moon sets in. It was time to make a living when he heard the fake wolf howl. The only difference was that his phantom was all black. The rims were so thick, that his fish hooks finally pulled Keisha in.
He gave her the world, like he said he would. She took the world, and let him swim. When the block got hot and ears buzzed with betrayal. Keisha was no Bonnie and left him to take care of his own problems. She went on to the next man who would give her diamonds. He never heard from her again. Gossip is quick and easy like take out. He couldn't hide out and was left to pay for something he didn't do.
Lily was eighteen and her college tuition was paid by the money he sent her every month. She laid the roses on the grave and listened to a voice she didn't remember “Don't worry about a damn thing. I got you— forever.” She heard that voice every night and woke up screaming to the sound of gun shots in her head.
You might know this young man in your neighborhood. He could be a cousin or an old friend. The amazing man with hopes and dreams, that had to courage to take care of his family. He sold a pound but took a bullet to his chest for free