The story of a perfect moment

Good day. I'm just a normal girl with no degree in writing. What I do have is a talent that God gave me. I'm from sunny South Africa. So my home language is beautiful Afrikaans. I have this dream to ... [+]

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It has been a long day for all of them. Mo sits back in his armchair. The sky is filled with thousands of stars. Here on the hilltop, a bit out of town, he feel so much more in touch with God. "Dear Lord, thanks for providing in our everyday needs. Thanks for bringing me back, to this holy ground that You have blessed. It's been a long time since I've kept my hands of a women, like I promised. But then again, You know how much I love Renè. And You know that You have blessed me and cured me from the demons that took over my thoughts and body. If it's okay with You Lord, I would love to have Renè back in my arms again." The night sounds have brought a lot of reasurence to Mo the past few years. He remember the morning he walk away from the love of his life. They were so young that time. She still has that calming affect on him, but that day he was so angry. His day started out bad and everything just went wrong. Then he was fired from work for something he didn't even do. He remember her face when he got home.
The face of an angel and the smile that could warm the coldest heart. He will never be able to protect her or provide for her. They had such big dreams. He could hear her laughter as he walk in the door. Dear Renè, everybody wanted to be near her. Sometimes it would drive him crazy if he see her with someone else, like now. So happy and carefree. Will she ever stay true to him. He watches them from the door. None are even aware that he is there. So happy, the way the two of them should be. Laughing and joking. "It sound qiut cheerfull here." Mo tried to be calm, trying to take in some of the cheer and love. But his soul is getting covered in the coldest hate he has ever felt.
Renè turns to the door. The beautiful smile makes little sparks in her eyes. Why can't he feel the butterflies in his stomach? What is this painful stabs doing in his heart? She walk closer to him and puts her arms around him. The smell of her freshness makes him breathless. He needs her so much at this moment. His whole being needs her freshness and faith. But something rips out his heart and he just have to push her away from him. He just needs to turn around and walk away.
Her eyes were filled with peace and love. He so much wanted to take it all in but he just couldn't. He just left that day without giving her a reason why. She called him back but he just kept on walking. Her words have haunted him for years to come. But he just never came back. "Mo please stay. I have great news. Mo come back" But he just kept on walking.
Today, while they all were looking for Jack, he could see that same fear in her eyes. Fear mixed with trust in God. Knowing that, once again the Lord will provide. Once again today he saw the way that Renè was talking to Caty. Leaving everything to God, and handle herself with extreme calmness. The reason why he fell in love with her all those years ago.
Mo look up to the sky once more. "Dear Lord, why did You turn Your back on me? Why did You let me walk away from the only person I've ever loved?" Mo feels the soft, warm hand on his shoulder. He missed that touch so much. His voice is filled with emotion when he starts to talk. "It's been a long time Renè. I doubt if you would ever forgive me for turning my back on you. But I need you. I've always needed you." Her voice is soft, warm so close to his ear. "It's been a long wait Mo." He pull her around him so she can sit on his lab. "We were so young that time. Maybe I was just scared." Renè lean her head on his shoulder. She never did understand why he left, but she always prayed that he will return. Mo's voice fill her heart again with joy. She just listen to his words and let it run over her like the soft forrest rain after the winter. "My life was empty without you. Nobody could fill the space where you were. No voice was so soft as yours. And no laughter was as true as yours. Nobody's green eyes had the promise of rest for my soul. I just had to find you again." Mo can feel how Renè's warmth is starting to fill the air around him. For a moment he listens to the sound of her breathing in the silence of the night. Somehow it makes him feel alive again. His body start to remember what his hands would feel everytime he runs his finger around the shape of her face. From somewhere the moon has come through the trees and, like a spotlight, so Mo can see the emotion on her face. He wants to kiss her all over but that will mean he won't be able to watch her. "I have pictured this moment so many times before. I've rehearsed my words a million times. But nothing where near the beauty I see in this moonlit moment. It's so perfect, I feel like running away." Renè open her eyes. She wipe the tears that's rolling down Mo's cheeck. "I will keep this diamond in my heart's safe with these words you've given me Mo. I kept all our memories safe in my heart. It's time Mo, that we start with new memories. Life is just to short to waste anymore time." Mo pull her closer. He can hear his heartbeat in the silence of the night. Her lips are so soft and warm as they seal this promise for a great future.
Mo's lips plays softly like a butterfly from leaf to leaf as he takes in every inch of her warmth. He take extra care to makes sure he protect her from any hurt again. Renè's body remembers every moment they were together. She still don't understand why he left that day. She wanted to tell him the great news. But he just turned around and left. But tonight has made all that disappear. Tonight just wiped away all that tears. Somewhere in their dream moment they drifted of in a deep sleep. All pain and longing for each other, part of an old ancient world. Left in the past, making space for a brand new era. Tomorrow when the sun is shining high, and everybody wakes up with the feeling of being complete, Renè will gather them all. It's been to long now, and she needs to clear her chest. She needs to tell the truth. Only Jack knows her secret, if he can remember that part of their lives.
As the sun wakes Renè up the next morning, she has to smile as she remember what happend last night. They never spoke about why he left and she never told him that Caty were their child. But today all that will change. She needs to get her great family together again. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Just look at that big smile. I hope that I'm part of the reason for that smile, so early in the morning." Renè takes the coffee from Mo. "Thanks. For sure you are. But you'll have to wait until Caty and Jack are here too. I want to tell you all at the same time." Mo kiss Renè on the forehead. "Well lucky we won't have to wait to long then. Come in guys. " Mo shout over his shoulder. Caty came in with a cheerful dance and end infront of Renè with a perfect cartwheel. "Good morning to you all. I have some exciting news to share with you all." Caty stand in front of Renè. She looks back at Jack. "I told you something great is going to happen today Grandpa Jack." They all give a quick chuckle for these wise words of the 10 year old. Mo stand behind Renè with his hands, protective, on her shoulders. "I will keep it short and sweet." Renè starts and clear her throat. "Me and Mo are getting married soon. Wait wait..." she but her hands in the air. "And Caty, ou mommy and daddy never were able to have kids, but then when Mo left that day, I couldn't tell him that you were on your way. So I gave you to them. I hope that you will one day be able to forgive me." Caty look pass Renè. "Then my mommy told me the truth when was in hospital. She told me she's in heaven now. And that I must promise her I'll always love you, because you were my real mom. I never did understood those words." For a moment no one said a word. Waiting to see how Caty would react. "Thank You Jesus for giving me these lovely people to share my life with. Bless them and protect them." Everybody just said Amen. Jack is so thankful for this bright and sunny day.