The Robotic Chaotic Catastrophe

Image of Short Story
The alarm buzzed, “beep, beep, beep, beep,” as the sun shone down through my bedroom window. It was a normal day, and like all normal days. I smacked the snooze button and I was up.

”Get up sweetie, it’s summer break!” said my Mom, coming in my room. I swear it was the middle of February, maybe I’m still dreaming. I smacked myself on the head.

“Honey, what is wrong with you? You’re going to be late for robotics camp,” Mother said. Robotics? I never signed up for Robotics! I got dressed like usual, but something wasn’t right.

At Robotics we learned how to compose a time loop, and we also got to build one. I was in a group with a Smart-aleck, Slacker, and a sleeping child. Great! I’ll never compose a machine. I’ll be kicked out, and Mom will kill me! So, I just let The Smart-aleck do the working. As he got ready to push the button he said, “According to Science, This should work if I push this red button.” Smack!

“Beep, beep, beep,” The alarm buzzed. I was just dreaming! I knew it! I clicked the snooze button, and I leapt out of my bed. Oh no! I’m late for school! Mother walked in and said,”Get up sweetie, it’s Summer break!” This is happening all over again! “Mom, it’s February! See. Snow,” Except when I looked out my window there was not an essence of snow on the ground. Just sweat from thirsty joggers.

I went back to Robotics, and The Smart-aleck built the machine again and he said, ”According to Science, This should work if I push this red button!” “Stop,” I said, “I want to help. I feel you are doing all the work, Know-it-all, and I’d like to do my part for a change.” Smack! I had pushed the button.

“Beep, beep,” The alarm buzzed, as the sun shone through my window, again. Something tells me I am in some kind of continuous loop! ‘How to compose a time loop.’ Maybe the loop has been affecting me. I know what I had to do. “Get up sweetie-, “Mom said as I cut her off,” Robotics, got it!”

At robotics I took notes as the instructor spoke, “Now you must twirl the knob backwards for 3 seconds, and when you are done-.” The Smart-aleck cut him off and I couldn’t hear him anymore,” Yeah, yeah, I know how to compose a time machine.” God, That Smarty Pants! I am going to be stuck in this loop for 1,000 years due to him! I just slept the rest of class because I knew I’d be sent back to the beginning of the day.

“Beep,” The alarm meeped for one second. Why? I don’t understand this. On the first day it beeped for 4 seconds, now 1. 4,3,2,1. The beeps must symbolize something. Oh no, that must mean... It can’t possibly... This is my last day, it’s all or nothing.

At Robotics I had nothing to take notes with, I had been so stressed out about the fact that it's my LAST day! “Well, are you going to tell us you got this,” I said to The Smart-aleck. “Well, according to science, this should work if press this red button,” the The Smart-aleck said as he gazed at me awkwardly. Don't press it! The Smart-aleck had pushed the red button.

I heard the door to my bedroom open, but my eyes were closed, as footsteps approached me. “Honey you overslept, Robotics is today! Wake up,” Mom said. Why am I feeling good? Perhaps I wasn't doomed, yet. “The alarm buzzed for half a second! It was working fine yesterday! I'll take it to Joe's to have it repaired,” Mom said. On the way out of the house I grabbed my notepad. I was geared for battle!

At Robotics I took some notes, like I tried to do 2 ‘days’ ago. The professor said his usual instructions, “Now, you must twirl the knob backwards for 3 seconds. When you are done-” “Yeah, yeah-,” Smart-aleck said as I put my fist out threatening to punch him. “-Wait sorry 4 seconds, my bad. Push the big red button, not the blue button. When you are done, bring it to me. By the way the red button activates the time machine aspect of it. We are going to learn how to turn a banana into a moldy banana with this bad boy,” The professor said, with no interuptions. I told Smarty Pants to back off and he stayed in a corner reading some chapter book about a Dwarfs and Dragons. Then I built up the machine and twirled the knob for 4 seconds, I think the start of the beeps must mean something other than time! The clock must've been trying to communicate with me, but the clock is what brought me here. The clock must've been giving me clues to how I can unravel the mystery. So why not experiment, it is a science club! I pushed the red button, now that I know what it does. Turns out I just needed to pay attention! Not to point anyone out, Smarty Pants, but I know what happens when you don't follow directions, repeatedly. Smack!

“Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,” The alarm blared as I smacked the Snooze button. “Get up sweetie, It's-,” I cut my mother off again. “Mom, for the last time, it's not Summer,” I yelled, I was getting annoyed, my hard work was worth nothing! “Honey, I was going to say it's time for school, and it's Winter, not Summer! And now I'm in a bad mood,” Mother said. I did it! I broke the loop! I opened my window as I said hello to the frosty morning. I looked out my window with my eyes closed and I smiled as I breathed the cold February air. Ah, fresh air! When I opened my eyes I saw the Slacker Kid. “Hey dude,” He said as he rode away on a flying unicorn. What? This has to be a dream.