The Order

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As I ran, I felt the rain hit my face like a thousand needles. I stop to grab some air, and as I did I could hear the footsteps hit the brick floor. I must get out of the city. it's our only chance of winning, of surviving. I know I couldn't go back to the world I've known. it was gone. All I could do is run, make it to the clave so we can have hope.
I knew if I get past the wall they won't give chase into the wild; they don't have the troops for that. I just need to get to the wall, outside is the forest, the whirring mechanical air ships that loom just above will find me. I just need to get to the forest. The trees will give cover.
That's all well and good if I can make it outside the city. Alright, I see the wall. I mean, who couldn't see the wall?
The wall to protect mankind. Many see it as a symbol of strength, but for us, it is a symbol of hate and oppression. The main entrance to the wall was the Dragon Gate, made of hundreds of dragon bones. The dragon guards stand over it menacingly. All I have to do now is get past them, “Well this should be easy," i joke to myself, rolling my eyes.
As I approach the dragon gate my chest tightened. The air was filled with an energy of oppression. The hate, the anger, but most of all the bloodlust was thick enough to cut. I felt like I could gag on it, the temptation just to kill was all around me closer and closer to the gate the guards looked at me. The temptation grew more and more. The air was a giant weight all around me, but how could the guards know of anything? To them I just looked like a 17 year old boy just trying to get to the gate. That's all they needed to know.
I finally get outside Eiron City, one of the great cities of the West. I slowly started to walk towards the forest. And as I did, I gradually sped up, before I knew it I was running as fast as I could. I went straight into the middle of the Forest. Far to the West is where I needed to be. I needed to move before the Order can find me.
“You morons, you must find what that boy took from us,” said Miss Rose as she looked at the council with a deathlike stare. “ We must find what he has stolen from us. We could lose the grip of the Cities! We must act before it's too late, before the Socialist Republic acts before the eel Empire. We waited too long to deal with the clave and now they've dealt a devastating blow to us. We Must Destroy them now!.
Yes, we will find them and that boy and we will destroy them. We will show our power as a supreme order of this world. We will make sure the people know why we are in control. We are the order and none shall stand before us.” The counsel becomes quiet as night. Miss Rose stands, “Those damn fools. Those men are to easily controlled by words and lies. They will fall to me in the end. Those idiots will do just what I need them to do. I'll find that boy before it's too late, I will find the Codex of knowledge and I will soon bring order to this world. The shadows shall find him the Shadows shall take him.”
I finally made it deeper into the forest. Not many people come through here, not unless they're hiding or running from something, but I pay no mind. I need to find the river in the forest and follow it down. I can get to River City. I stopped, held my breath and waited, listened. For a few seconds, I could hear running water and I dashed for it. I found the river and start heading downward soon I'll be at the city. As I walked the Air filled with Pine and freshwater the scented smell of peace. It was like this world has never been touched by man.
“All right think, Peter,” I tell myself, “The order will not let me go. I have the Codex. They won't sit by and do nothing. I mean, Miss Rose will never let me live. For what I've done to The order.”


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