The Nukes

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It was August 6, 1945, when we first decided to use the nukes, but after that every country produced them. Sixty years before the bombs fell in 2258, Spain nuked two countries, England and France, so the United States started to design vaults to house people in case one of their enemies decided to do the same. Then the bombs fell in 2318, with vaults all across the world where millions lived. The outside land became uninhabitable because the radiation levels were too high. Anything that did not die from the radiation mutated into abominations. My name is Jeff. I am the overseer of the natural terrain. Now, in the year 2716, the terrain is much better. I am going to try to colonize the land of Boston. The rust eaten doors were opened for the first time in almost 400 years. A small group of ten people and I set out on our quest. We took notes on the mutants we saw, such as giant, humanoid crabs and iguanas that have adapted to live in the ocean. On our way to a small village of people who did not go to a bunker, we saw a bear that was alive, but had most of its fur removed, had scars all over it, and had a shell covering its back. When we got to the village, we realized the people were all highly irradiated and had grown appendages on their backs that looked like mantis claws. The people greeted us nicely and we asked them if they knew what the bear we saw was. They said it was a bear that mutated to have the shell because the bear mainly ate turtles, so the bear mutated with the turtles in his belly and the cells in his body grew a shell. We decided to make our colony closer to the vault, but not too far from the village so we could trade with them. We then hiked half of a mile back to the vault, and ended up in the same forest we saw the bear in. I sent one of the ten back to the vault to tell them we have a campground and for them to come, and had two others take two axes and chop down some trees so we would have shelter. When darkness fell, the sky was pitch black and you could hear the animals scurrying to and fro. Once we were all settled in the small shelter we made, we heard a large animal come out and it started slashing at trees. After we suspected it was gone, we looked outside to observe the slash marks. It showed it was from a bear or something very large. The person we sent to tell the rest of the inhabitants at the vault said that they would come in the next week. So we then gathered and decided we had to kill the bear that was near us. We all made lances out of wood with stone points attached with vines and since we had power armor we could not make any better armor ourselves. We felt prepared so we went to hunt for the bear. We looked in a 500 foot radius around our camp in search of it. When we returned, one person, Bob, said he saw it on his way back in a cave with a pool of water nearby. We went to sleep in fear of the fact that we had to slay something we never saw in our lifetimes. We then let Bob lead the way to the cave and he brought us to it without any trouble. We saw the bear was not there and decided to wait for it. There we waited for around one hour when the bear came back. We knew we had to do this because if we did not, the bear would kill us all and destroy our settlement. We cornered the beast in the cave and stabbed it relentlessly for one minute, then it started thrashing and flailing about and severely wounded everyone but me. I then realized I could run or I could finish this. The bear lunged towards me and I ducked under it and stabbed it straight through the heart and slayed it. I tried to treat the other men until the people from the vault came, but they died one day after they were mauled. The people from the vault got back and saw that it was just me and thought I had killed the other men. I explained to them what happened and we established a very good colony by trading with the mantis people.

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